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Wonder Soil

Potting Soil You Don't Have to Haul Home

Are you tired of hauling home heavy bags of soil from the garden center? Do you hate keeping dirty bags of potting soil around the house?

If so, then do we have the product for you - Wonder Soil. Wonder Soil is an amazing all purpose instant potting mix in a wafer. Just add water and Wonder Soil becomes instant potting mix! When it comes to vegetable gardeningindoor gardening, and houseplant care, Wonder Soil makes container gardening a breeze.

Wonder Soil is the only Seed Starter, Nutrient Enriched, Expandable All-purpose Potting Soil Wafer in the World!

Wonder Soil Instant Potting Mix offers Unmatched Convenience:

  • Lightweight - 1 Tube = 12-15 lbs. of instant potting mix
  • Easy to use - Just add water, stir and plant
  • Compact - Easy to carry, and store, there's no waste
  • Clean - Wafers are packed in a small plastic tube - no mess
  • Pest Free, Environmentally Safe, and Unlimited Shelf Life!

Wonder Soil is the Smartest alternative to conventional soil bags. Using Wonder Soil means a lot less watering and less work with better results!

"I have a lot of houseplants in addition to the terrace plants I grow and keeping big bags of soil is was beginning to present a storage problem for me. I saw your Wonder Soil and thought I'd give it a try. It worked great and saves me a ton of space."

PV, New York, NY

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Make Your Fertilizer Work Better:container gardening, flower gardening, plant care moisture control

SoilSyrup is remarkable at improving soil conditions.. From boosting nutrient absorption to improving plant disease resistance, SoilSyrup should be in every gardener's tool kit for better plant careSoilSyrup will actually make your fertilizer work better by making fertilizer nutrients ready available to your plants. Use with Algoflash liquid fertilizer for the perfect plant feeding formula. Try SoilSyrup for growing tomatoesgrowing roses or growing orchids and you'll be amazed at the results.

In hydroponics and indoor gardening systemsSoilSyrup will increase the effectiveness of nutrient uptake by plants, meaning you can use less of those expensive nutrient solutions. Start growing more effectively with SoilSyrup today!

"I had to write to tell you how well SoilSyrup works. I had a Jasmine plant that was looking very sickly, with yellowing leaves and it would hardly ever bloom. Well, I started adding SoilSyrup to my weekly waterings and in just a few weeks it was looking green and healthy. Now it has dozens of blooms and just smells wonderful! Thanks."

BR, Grand Rapids, MI

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