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Tree Gator

Protect Your Young Trees with TreeGator®

Do you worry that your new tree won't last the first year? Are you unsure how to take care of your new tree and protect your investment in time and effort? If you aren't, then you should be. Far too many young trees die in the first year from improper care that is easily preventable.

Newly planted trees are under severe water stress right after transplanting. And they will remain under water stress for the first several years after planting. Maintaining soil moisture is especially important during the first three years following transplanting. So how do you prevent transplant shock and avoid water stress on new trees? The answer is simple, Treegator® slow release watering system for trees. Treegator delivers a high volume of water directly to the root system of a newly planted tree.

Water Your Trees, Don't Drown Them

Treegator is a drip irrigation system in a bag. These easy-to-use tree watering bags are designed specifically for trees, to slowly deliver water directly to their root systems over an extended time period; Allows for deep water saturation with no run-off or evaporation. TreeGator is especially valuable for new plantings, and for soaking before digging, or when water is precious during summer droughts. Saves time and water, reduces transplant shock.

TreeGator can also provide additional protection from an early or late frost. During Spring and Fall when many trees are planted, frost damage can be a real issue. The constant moisture TreeGator provides to the soil helps dampen rapid temperature changes and prevents frost damage.

Installation is easy and requires no tools - just zip it around the trunk, fill it with water, and walk away. Simply put, Treegator is the fastest, easiest, and most efficient product available to properly water a new tree. Using Treegator will save you time, water, money and effort - All while keeping your trees healthy and green.

Proven Effective For Tree Care:

  • TreeGator is Quick and Easy-to-Use - Installation is as easy as zipping up a jacket. And you can fill TreeGator in as little as 5 minutes, then walk away!
  • TreeGator is the Right Way to Water - TreeGator provides deep water saturation every time you water. That means water is delivered efficiently to your tree with no wasteful run-off. Your tree can use 100% of the water you give it. Better for the environment and better for your tree.
  • TreeGator Prevents Transplant/Drought Shock - Proper watering greatly reduces the chance of transplant or drought shock. TreeGator promotes healthy root growth for healthier trees. That reduces the establishment time and means you'll have a healthier tree in less time.
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Just 5 Minutes Each Week
That's all the time it will take you to properly and efficiently water your trees. Installing and filling a Treegator Original or Treegator Junior Drip Irrigation Bag takes about 5 minutes with a standard size garden hose. Since Treegator delivers a large volume of water deep below the soil surface, a tree's roots can potentially feed off of this high concentration of water long after the bag is empty. That means you can water less frequently. In most cases, you only need to water once a week for healthy, happy trees.

Installation is easy, just zip TreeGator around your tree, fill with water, and let Treegator drip water to your tree for up to nine hours. Treegators can be zipped together (two hold 50 gallons) and used in pairs for larger trees. One Treegator fits 1-4" caliper(diameter) tree; two zipped together fit 5-8" caliper trees. For most new plantings, Treegator needs to be filled only 1 to 2 times per week (adjust watering schedule as needed).

Why should I use Treegator on my trees:

Newly planted / transplanted trees, with their greatly reduced root systems and the shock from being removed, are in great need of frequently applied deep irrigation. Deep watering keeps moisture concentrations far below the surface, reducing transplant shock, and attracting roots downward deep into the soil.

Deep watering to a depth of at least 12 inches or more is recommended. Most of the root system of a tree is located within the top 2 to 4 feet of soil. With new trees, it is also recommended that water be applied directly over the root ball / root mass.

Experts suggest that the best way to efficiently ensure deep water penetration is to slowly and evenly apply a high volume of water in a single application. This means that light watering applications (i.e. via sprinklers, hose, etc.) will not provide adequate water saturation.

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