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Home > The Easy Way to Grow Grass
The Easy Way to Grow Grass

Bare Spots? Dead Areas?
Learn The Easy Way To Grow Grass

Growing Grass With MegaGro Products Is Easy!

If your lawn has bare spots, dead patches, or areas of primarily weeds – or just doesn’t look lush and green – you might need some help in growing grass. With MegaGro products, you can be a success and grow grass that’s healthy and green season after season.

If you’ve tried growing grass before and had little success, maybe you weren’t using the right products and following good procedures. These two factors alone can determine your success to grow grass.

Growing grass doesn’t mean you have to travel to your local home improvement store, fight for a parking space, stand in line with your overloaded cart, and lug heavy bags of topsoil, fertilizer and grass seed home.

No matter your age or experience with growing grass, you can be enjoying new grass sprouts by following a few easy steps. When you grow grass, you’ll probably read package instructions that tell you to…

  • Remove all old or dead grass in the area to be serviced
  • Rake up the old topsoil and ensure a good surface scarring
  • Spread an even level of topsoil on top
  • Sprinkle in grass seed
  • Cover with another fine layer of topsoil
  • Water – but don’t flood
  • Water the area daily

With MegaGro products such as LawnHoney, you can grow new grass with less effort and more success.

  • Growing grass with LawnHoney reduces the need for fertilizer by up to 50%
  • Helps grow grass and ensure a good root system
  • Grow grass and make it healthier by enriching the soil
  • LawnHoney is easy to use, as it is applied during normal watering

Even if you haven’t been successful with growing grass before, MegaGro products like LawnHoney make it easy. At MegaGro, we have a complete line of lawn care products to make growing grass simple.

Lawn Honey, SoilSyrup, and MegaGro and are all ready-to-use lawn care products, and are made with the best and latest in lawn care science. Used for years by professional landscapers, now you too can enjoy growing grass the easy way --- just like the professionals.

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