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Sprinkler Station

Do It Yourself Sprinkler Station - Lawn Watering Made Easy

Do you hate moving your sprinkler all over your yard when you need to water your lawn? How much time do you waste trying to get your sprinkler aimed in just the right place, only to have to re-aim it every time you water? Don't you wish you could have an in-ground sprinkler system, but can't afford the cost?

Then you need Sprinkler Station. Sprinkler Station is a new permanent in-ground "pop-up" lawn sprinkler that replaces your old sprinkler. No more moving the sprinkler when you mow. And for about the same cost as that old temporary sprinkler that you have to move all over the lawn, you'll have an in-ground sprinkler system without spending thousands of dollars. Save time, save money with Sprinkler Station.

Bury and aim one time, and it stays in place, just like you set it! Mow right over it!

Using Sprinkler Station removes the tedious, repetitive task of placing and aiming the sprinkler, greatly reducing the time and effort you put into watering your lawn. Install our sprinkler and save time every time you water!

Sprinkler Station hides underground in between uses, and pop-ups aimed perfectly every time you click on your garden hose. It's incredibly easy to install; there are no trenches and pipe to bury, just dig a 10" hole for the sprinkler and aim it one time. The included quick connector means no screwing the hose onto the sprinkler, just click it on.

"This is a once in a life time value; saved me over $2000 in a permanent underground system. Product is WELL MADE, and EASY to install! "

M. O'Brien, Oregon

Sprinkler Stations are a permanent, sensible solution that adds value to your life and home.

  • Sprinkler Station is easy to install - - Installs in minutes! No trenches to dig, no pipes to bury.
  • Sprinkler Station is hassle-free! - Just "click" on hose when you want to water. Comes with quick-connect fitting for garden hose. No more fighting with traditional surface sprinklers.
  • Sprinkler Station saves time - Stays aimed and in place between waterings. Sprinkler Station is a lawn sprinkler that stops the cycle of placing, aiming, re-aiming and moving the sprinkler to mow.
  • Sprinkler Station keeps your yard clean - Sprinkler Station hides underground between uses, and pop-ups aimed perfectly every time you click on your garden hose.
  • Sprinkler Station saves Money - The Sprinkler Station can save you thousands of dollars over a conventional in-ground sprinkler system.

We also offer a tremendous variety of Lawn Care products to help with your turf needs. From thatch removal with Liquid Rake to lawn maintenance with our Lawn Care 1-2-3 package to drought prevention with Lawn Honey, we have your needs covered!

Products (Total Items: 2)
Sprinkler Station, Junior
Sprinkler Station, Junior
Your Price:$34.95
Sprinkler Station, Squared
Sprinkler Station, Squared
Your Price:$34.95

"Definitely easy!! Love this watering system. It was quick and easy to install, and the sprinkler mechanism seems sturdy. It was easy to adjust the spray pattern, and it works perfectly with my watering timer. I am going to get some more, it's an economical way to water your lawn if you aren't ready to invest in an expensive sprinkler system. "

MU - Woolwich, NJ

Installs in Minutes

Installation is simple, just dig a hole about 10" long and 10" deep; no need to dig trenches across the lawn.

After burying Sprinkler Station, just "click" on a standard garden hose using the included quick connector. The water pressure causes the sprinkler to pop up out of the ground spraying water. Just "Un-click" the hose, the sprinkler hides underground again, out of the way of the lawn mower. "Click" it on again and it pops up again, aimed the same way as the last time.

Directions for the different models can be downloaded here:

SprinklerStation Original Installation

SprinklerStation Jr. Installation

SprinklerStation Squared Installation

SprinklerStation Layout Guide

Tips: Bury 2 or 3 Sprinkler Stations to cover your entire lawn! Connect a splitter to your faucet to use more than one hose. Utilize a shut off timer to stop the water after the correct amount of time.

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