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Get Rid of Poor Soil - Once and For All!

When it comes to vegetable gardeningindoor gardening, and houseplant care, every professional gardener knows the importance of rich soil for producing the finest flowers, fruits, lawns and landscape. So if your yard or garden has poor soil, how do you fix it? Use SoilSyrup organic humic acid - the best way to condition and improve soils. SoilSyrup activates soil nutrients, adds organic matter, and aerates the earth for a more productive soil. This results in increased yield for your vegetable gardens, and more plentiful growth in indoor gardening and houseplant care.

Organic SoilSyrup is the most concentrated organic material available for improved plant growth and soil improvement. SoilSyrup's rich organic makeup is incredibly beneficial for improving the growth of all plants and quickly revitalizing soils. SoilSyrup is a must-have to condition and activate the soil in potted plants and container gardening. With SoilSyrup, there's no need to go through the hassle and mess of changing potting soil, simply add SoilSyrup every time you water for healthier soil and better indoor gardeningcontainer gardeningrose gardening and houseplant care. It's that easy.

"I had to write to tell you how well SoilSyrup works. I had a Jasmine plant that was looking very sickly, with yellowing leaves and it would hardly ever bloom. Well, I started adding SoilSyrup to my weekly waterings and in just a few weeks it was looking green and healthy. Now it has dozens of blooms and just smells wonderful! Thanks."

BR, Grand Rapids, MI

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Conditions Soil For Better Growth:

  • Break Down Clay Soil
  • Promote Healthier Lawns
  • Improve Quality of Garden Yields
  • Enrich Soil Structure by Stimulating Good Microbes
  • Increase Root Growth And Penetration
  • Improve Water Flow in Soil and Reduce Erosion
  • Add Essential Minerals and Nutrients Not in Fertilizer
  • Improve effectiveness of fertilizers
Products (Total Items: 3)
SoilSyrup Hose End Sprayer
SoilSyrup Hose End Sprayer
Your Price:$17.95
SoilSyrup 16 oz Concentrate/Refill
SoilSyrup 16 oz Concentrate/Refill
Your Price:$14.95
SoilSyrup 1 Gallon Concentrate/Refill
SoilSyrup 1 Gallon Concentrate/Refill
Your Price:$49.95

Great Outdoors:container gardening, flower gardening, plant care moisture control
Outdoors, use SoilSyrup hose-end sprayer Spring, Summer and Fall to replenish your worn out soils. Perfect for flower gardeningvegetable gardening and lawn care. For a better looking lawn garden or landscape useSoilSyrup. The SoilSyrup Hose-End requires no measuring, mixing or calculating - just hook up the hose and spray! One sprayer takes care of a whole 5,000 square foot lawn. SoilSyrup is 100% safe for use around pets and animals.

"I just had to let you know that your Soil Syrup is a great product. As an Ag Engineer I have always known what Humic Acid was, but I had never used it. That being said, I had to re-sod part of my property three weeks ago. I sprayed Soil Syrup on the prepared soil before I put down 100 sq ft of sod in the pack yard. I put another 50 sq ft of sod in the front yard with not treatment. You aught to see the back yard portion. I had to cut it yesterday. It has taken so well that I can hardly see the demarcations between the sod pieces. This stuff is great!"

Bob W., Jacksonville, FL

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Make Your Fertilizer Work Better:

SoilSyrup is remarkable at improving soil conditions.. From boosting nutrient absorption to improving plant disease resistance, SoilSyrup should be in every gardener's tool kit for better plant care.SoilSyrup will actually make your fertilizer work better by making fertilizer nutrients ready available to your plants. Use with Algoflash liquid fertilizer for the perfect plant feeding formula. Try SoilSyrup for growing tomatoesgrowing roses or growing orchids and you'll be amazed at the results.

In hydroponics and indoor gardening systemsSoilSyrup will increase the effectiveness of nutrient uptake by plants, meaning you can use less of those expensive nutrient solutions. Start growing more effectively with SoilSyrup today!

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