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Seed Germination megagro

MegaGro For Seed Germination

Gibberellins are one of the most remarkable seed germination aides available. Many difficult to germinate seeds require complex steps to germinate successfully, but adding gibberellins can make things easy. MegaGro is an easy to use pre-mixed solution for designed for seed germination. MegaGro takes the guesswork and complex calculations out of using gibberellins for seed germination. So if you're looking for a great way to improve seed germination rates, speed up seed germination or get those hard to germinate seeds to sprout, then you need MegaGro.

MegaGro is easy to apply using a couple of well-know seed germination techniques. Simply use MegaGro as part of the following directions and you'll see great results.

Seed Germination Products:

Our seed germination products can make germinating your favorite seeds as easy as dropping them in a pouch. You'll see better germination with almost any seeds, even the most difficult.

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SpeedSprout 5 lb tub
SpeedSprout 5 lb tub
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Seed Germination - The Deno Method

Developed by Dr. Norman Deno, this method advocates putting seeds between folded paper towels moistened with a solution of gibberellins (MegaGro) as a means of germinating difficult seeds. The paper towels are put into plastic bags and kept at temperatures of 40 degrees F or 70 degrees F, or alternating cycles of twelve weeks at these temperatures until the seeds germinated. For full details you can consult Deno's book.

The exact steps of the Deno method of seed germination are as follows:

Take a paper towel, any kind will do, and folded in half 3 times to make a pad about 2 inches by 4 inches. Open the folded paper towel and cut a 3x3" piece of polyethylene from a plastic bag. Place the plastic inside the folded paper towel. Next make a 2 inch by 2 inch piece of paper towel and fold into a pad 1/2 x 1". Place this second pad, and this is placed on the polyethylene. The seeds are placed on this inner pad and the inner pad is moistened with a 1000 ppm solution of MegaGro. (To Learn How To Make various Seed Germination Solutions, SEE BELOW) The outer pad is placed in a plastic bag and provides the humidity to prevent the inner pad from drying out. The amount of MegaGro can be varied as well as the time of exposure. The seeds can be germinated directly on the pad and removed as soon as they sprout to avoid overexposure.

If that seems overly complex, try something simpler. Moisten a paper towel with a 1000 ppm solution of MegaGro. Make sure it's moist, but not wet. Fold the paper towel in half and then half again. Place seeds inside the folded paper towel and place in a plastic baggie. Set aside in a cool dark place. Seed Germination is that simple!

Seed Germination - Mixing Special Concentrations

The MegaGro concentrate will create a 10 ppm solution for each capful that is added to 32 oz of water. To create a stronger solution, simply add more capfuls to the same amount of water or reduce the amount of water.

The table below outlines some basic values for seed germination.

PPM Concentration
1 4 oz. 80
1 8 oz 40
1 32 oz 10
6 4 oz 500
10 4 oz. 800
10 8 oz 400
10 32 oz. 100
20 8 oz 800
20 32 oz 200
25 8 oz. 1000

Many people use 1000ppm for everything, but this may be too strong for many seeds. Experts report that 500ppm is a good general solution for most species, and may limit excessive elongation of seedlings. If you don't see the results you want with 500 ppm, you can then try, 1000ppm, 750ppm or 375ppm solutions. The trick is to experiment to find the solution that will give the healthiest seedlings per lot with your particular seeds.

Seed Germination - Other Seed Germination Products

Humic acid can also help improve seed germination. SoilSyrup is a 12% humic acid solution and can help boost seed germination. You can add SoilSyrup to the solutions used for seed germination using any of the methods mentioned above.

To use SoilSyrup as part of your seed germination solution, simply mix 1 capful of SoilSyrup with 16 oz. of water.

Or for a truly simple way to sprout seeds, try SpeedSprout. It's a great educational tool and kids can actually observe the seeds sprouting.

MegaGro Quick-Start Seed Germination Instructions

MegaGro is incredibly easy to use. If you want to get started right away, you can simply follow these seed germination instructions.

  1. Buy MegaGro Concentrate

  2. Soak seeds overnight in a solution of MegaGro.

  3. Plant like any other seeds, and watch them grow. Easy!

To make the 500 ppm solution, simply add 6 capfuls to 4 oz. of water. You don't need much of the solution to soak your seeds -- just enough for the seeds to fully swell. You can soak you seeds in anything from a plastic baggies to a pill bottle or paper cup. For very small seeds, fold them in a piece of page. This will make handling them much easier.

Seed Germination - Is MegaGro Natural and Organic?

Gibberellins, the active ingredient in MegaGro, are naturally occurring growth hormones. All plants produce gibberellins during key growth periods of their life cycle, sprouting from seed, producing flower buds and producing fruit.

The term "organic" has recently been specifically defined by the FDA and EPA under the NOP Standards Program, largely, in part, to clearly identify consumers' foods grown without the use of pesticides.

This program prohibits the use of the word organic in any labeling of products, which are not produced in accordance with The National Organic Program Act. Under definitions in the act, a substance is deemed "synthetic" if the "substance is formulated or manufactured by a chemical process or by a process that chemically changes a substance extracted from naturally occurring plant, animal, or mineral sources."

Seed Germination - Resources

One of the best sources of information on using MegaGro to stimulate seed germination is Seed Germination, Theory and Practice, available for $20.00 postpaid worldwide from the author: Dr. Norman C. Deno, 139 Lenor Dr., State College, PA 16801 USA. The book is available for $20.00 directly from the author. It contains a wealth of information on thousands of species and is a great resource.

Seed Germination

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