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Rose Gardening

We'll Help You Grow Beautiful Roses

If there's a universally recognized and admired flower, it's the rose. We understand your passion and that's why our products can help you grow gorgeous roses without a lot of effort. We have everything you need to take care of your roses, from watering to feed. Products like AquaRocks and AquaSpikes help make watering your roses easier. SoilSyrup and Algoflash help nourish your roses and MegaGro will grow the biggest rose blooms you've ever seen!

"Naturally I was skeptical about what MegaGro would do for my roses. I've tried so many different fertilizers over the years. Well I sprayed a few bushes with MegaGro and within a few weeks, I had bigger flowers than I've ever had.

My neighbors all wonder why my roses look so great, and I just say MegaGro. It really does work. I can't thank you enough. "

Anna R., Grand Rapids, MI

Everything You Need in One Easy to use Package

If you're looking for a sure-fire way to make rose gardening easier and more rewarding, then look no further. Our Rose Gardening package will provide everything you need for better soil, feeding your roses, making watering a breeze and boosting growth for big, beautiful blossoms!

Our Rose Gardening Kit contains everything you need to grow greener, more beautiful roses without a lot of work. The Rose Gardening Kit includes:

If it's just big, gorgeous rose blooms your looking for, the grab some MegaGro and checkout.

"First and foremost, let me say how pleased I am with your product, MegaGro. The primary reason that I purchased your product was for my hobby of breeding and collecting roses (more info on growing roses at Collecting and Breeding Roses).

I am so pleased with your product that I am going to write an article about the benefits of using Gibberellic Acid in rose gardening and place it on our website. In conclusion, I wish to thank you for providing an exceptional product. I am a very happy customer and will be ordering again soon."

Jerry R., Chatham, IL

So if you want to learn more about how our products make rose gardening easier read on. If you're already convinced, just click on one of the products above to get these great rose gardening products now.

Rose Gardening - Rose Types

Roses are defined by their growing type. One type is budded; meaning that one variety of rose is grafted onto the roots of a sturdier variety. The grafting is visible at the bud union. Grafted roses combine the best qualities of strong rootstock with the foliage and blooms of the grafted variety. Roses are also grown on their own roots. Own-root plants are grown from cuttings so the entire plant is of the same variety. If a grafted rose is heavily pruned or cold-damaged, the rose that grows back may be of the rootstock's variety, not the grafted one you purchased. Under the same circumstances, the own-root rose will grow back true to its variety.

Roses are available in three types for planting:

  • Bare-root roses are dormant, sold during winter and early spring. Plant them as soon as the ground warms enough to be workable.
  • Prepackaged roses are bare-root plants packaged in a bag or box with a moisture-retaining medium such as sawdust around the roots.
  • Container-grown roses are grown in containers at the nursery. They're budding or already blooming and are available in spring.

Rose Gardening - Soil Conditioning with SoilSyrup

In rose gardening, as in growing anything, it is important to start with soil. Soil is the key to healthy and beautiful roses and easier rose gardening. "Take care of the soil and the flowers will take care of themselves.

Dig into your rose plot in several places to see what the soil it is like. Soil is seldom perfect. It may have too much clay, too much sand, tons of rocks, or any of a dozen different problems. pH is also important. So good rose gardening always starts with soil conditioning and there's none better than SoilSyrup. SoilSyrup will help condition the soil and improve the pH so that nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, plus trace minerals, are most easily available to your flowers. Arid regions tend to have alkaline soils and regions with heavy rainfall tend to have acidic soils. SoilSyrup improves your soil for rose gardening by adding high levels of humus to the soil, which can improve soil that is too sandy, has too much clay, or has other problems. SoilSyrup is the answer for most soil problems and is incredibly easy to use, whether applying directly to the plant or with our hose-end sprayer to condition your whole rose garden.

Rose Gardening - Planting

Roses need full sun for optimal growth and blooming. Select an area that receives a minimum of six hours of sunlight a day. Prepare the soil with organic material before planting using SoilSyrup. If the area you've chosen for your rose garden doesn't drain well, build up the bed with good topsoil and add extra organic matter with SoilSyrup. As SoilSyrup begins to break down organic material in the soil, it improves soil structure and adds nutrients. It's also a great idea to add AquaRocks water-absorbing crystals to the soil, since rose gardening is a water intensive activity. Adding AquaRocks to the soil will help you save time and keep your roses well watered even during dry summer months.

When planting roses, whether bare-root or container-grown, the procedure is the same as for other shrubs. Remember a few key factors that especially affect roses:

  • Remember that the bud union should be about one inch below soil level when planted.

  • In warm areas, the graft can be slightly above soil level.

  • Prior to planting, cut off any dead leaves as well as decayed or thin shoots. Also prune damaged or extremely long roots.

  • Soak bare root roses in tepid water overnight before planting.

  • Always water soil well when planting.

  • Make sure the hole is large enough to accommodate root growth.

  • Roses appreciate organic matter mixed into the soil when planting, so USE SOILSYRUP!

Rose Gardening - Fertilizing with Algoflash and SoilSyrup

Roses are heavy feeders and need regular applications of fertilizer during the growing season. Use a balanced fertilizer like Algoflash. Algoflash is an easy-to-use, non-burning formula of all the major and micro-nutrients your roses need that is designed specifically with rose gardening in mind. In general, begin feeding when new growth starts in the spring and discontinue feeding in early fall. Feeding too late will stimulate new growth that is susceptible to winter injury. Water thoroughly after each feeding. Using SoilSyrup in combination with Algoflash will help make the nutrients more available to your roses.

Rose Gardening - Water Roses with AquaRocks and AquaSpikes

Roses need a lot of water. Remember how deep you planted the rose? Water needs to reach that level to get to the roots and keep the plant healthy and blooming. If you didn't add AquaRocks to the soil when you planted your roses, you can easily add them later. Simply punch several holes around the plant, making sure you get down to the root level and pour in a small amount of AquaRocks. Cover the holes with dirt and water thoroughly. The AquaRocks will work their way into the soil around the roots and provide water reservoirs for your thirsty roses. Water thoroughly at least twice a week if there is no rainfall. Set a watering schedule and adjust as dictated by the weather.

Roses like a lot of water during the growing and blooming season. But this doesn't mean give them a small amount every day. With roses, it is better to water deeply rather than just a little bit at a time, so that the water can fully penetrate the roots. Just sprinkling them with the hose is not enough. The best way to deep water your roses is to use AquaSpikes. AquaSpikes turn an ordinary 2-liter bottle into a handy rose gardening tool for direct root watering. Using AquaSpikes as part of your rose gardening toolkit will help control weeds, retain soil moisture and discourage black spot and mildew by keeping leaves dry. AquaSpikes make it easy to quickly water your rose bushes. Simply drop your hose into a 2-liter bottle with the end cut off and you can refill it in seconds as you "do the rounds" in the rose garden. This is important, since roses need a thorough soaking, typically a good four or five gallons worth of water per rose bush is a basic rule of thumb. Depending on how much rain your garden gets, a deep watering and once a week and using AquaRocks is usually enough even in drier parts of the country. If it is extremely hot and dry, perhaps every four days or so.

Rose Gardening - More Blooms with MegaGro

Once your roses are healthy and happy with plenty of food and water, they'll likely bloom when they are supposed to. But to achieve truly remarkable results, like giant blossoms, you'll want to use a bloom booster. MegaGro is designed to be just that and it the secret of professional growers for great rose gardening. MegaGro stimulates roses to flower and can help you get more roses and bigger blooms. It's easy to use, simply spray the developing buds and sit back and watch the results. If you have a larger rose garden, our hose-end sprayer is an easy way to apply MegaGro over a large area.

And if you don't believe us about how great MegaGro is for rose gardening, listen to what our customers are saying:

"First and foremost, let me say how pleased I am with your product, MegaGro. The primary reason that I purchased your product was for my hobby of breeding and collecting roses (more info on growing roses at Collecting and Breeding Roses) but I have found it to work just as well on my wife's cactus plants, tomatoes and houseplants.

For my established roses, I sprayed them once with MegaGro in the early spring. The blooms have increased in number and are larger and fuller than they have ever been. The foliage amount has increased on the plants also and they look healthier than ever.

On my rose seedlings, I sprayed them soon after they sprouted. Some of them reached bloom size (usually around four months), within a two-month period. All of them matured sooner and were able to be transplanted outside much earlier than normal. This allowed me to harden them off before the heat of the summer months. Once transplanted outside, I plan on spraying them one or two more times this year. I also plan on spraying all my antique roses (one-time blooming) after their bloom cycle is over to encourage new growth for next year as they only bloom on one-year old wood.

I am so pleased with your product that I wrote an article about the benefits of using MegaGro in rose gardening and placed it on my website. In conclusion, I wish to thank you for providing an exceptional product. I am a very happy customer and will be ordering again soon."

Rose Gardening - Pruning Tips

Good rose gardening includes plenty of prunings. Proper pruning increases blooms and promotes healthy plants. In general, prune when growth just begins; from midwinter to mid-spring depending on where you live. Your signal is when the uppermost buds begin to swell, but leaves are yet to appear. Each variety has specific recommendations, so check yours before cutting. When pruning, first make sure to remove all dead wood, cutting that plant back to healthy wood. It's important to reduce the number of canes. During the growing season, prune only to remove diseased foliage or canes. Make sure you deadhead faded flowers, this will keep your rose in continual bloom during the growing season.

By following these steps and using our Rose Gardening Kit, your rose gardening will be easier and more rewarding, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Rose Gardening

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