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Plant Frost Protection

Save Your Plants From Frost Damage and Deer!

FINALLY! A quick, easy, effective way to protect your shrubs, bushes, container plants and hanging baskets from damaging frost and harmful pests! Extend your growing season in Spring and Fall and protect you plants from hungry deer and rabbits throughout the winter with these easy to use covers.

Frost Protection Covers protect container plants against damage due to frost. They are also effective as a mini-greenhouse to extend the growing season. Gardeners also use the covers to protect plants from pests, wind, and other damaging weather conditions. The first time you use our Frost Protection Covers, you will appreciate how quick and easy it is to use.

For years, gardeners have been using sheets, blankets, or plastic to cover their plants when frost is likely. These items are often cumbersome to use, can damage plants, and require heavy objects to anchor them in place. The benefits of using Frost Protection Covers are many:

  • Frost Protection Covers are the smart choice: protect plants from frost, wind, pests like deer and rabbits, and other damaging conditions.
  • Frost Protection Covers are the easy choice: You'll never have to move heavy containers and hanging baskets again. Just cover wherever the plant is located.
  • Frost Protection Covers are the quick choice: Extend your growing season with these easy to use plant covers. Put on and take off in a matter of minutes with the easy to use double-pull drawstrings that locks to securely hold the cover in place. Completely reusable, you see benefits season after season.
 Products (Total Items: 2)
Frost Blanket, Regular, 1 roll
Frost Blanket, Regular, 1 roll
Your Price: $16.95
Frost Cover, Bag, White
Frost Cover, Bag, White
Your Price: $12.95

Frost Protection Covers are SO easy to use:

The double-pull drawstring and cord locks keep the cover in place so it will not blow or fall off the plant and leave it exposed to frost. With a tightly secured cover, the plant retains more warmth and can withstand lower temperatures.

What does this incredible cover mean for your fabulous container plants, shrubs and bushes? It means that your foliage and flowers survive because they are safe from the damage to plant tissue that frost creates and damage from hungry deer or rabbits. Use them in the spring to protect your newly flowering plants from a late frost. Use them in the fall to extend enjoyment of your fully-grown, beautiful plants, and to let your produce ripen on the vine. And use them all winter to help prevent hungry deer and rabbits from eating your plants.

We've made them out of lightweight, breathable fabric that does not crush plants. The fabric is .9 oz polypropylene and provides protection to 4°F below freezing (to 28°F or -2.2°C). Polypropylene is the same material used by commercial growers for frost protection.

Frost Protection Covers work Fall, Winter and Spring. In warmer weather, the plant-friendly fabric will allow plants to breathe, so the cover may be left on plants for days at a time as long as daytime temperatures are not too hot. You may remove the cover during the daytime, In cooler weather you can leave the cover on. And of course you can leave the Frost Protection Cover on all winter long to protect against hungry pests.

Our Frost Protection Covers are available in versatile sizes to accommodate a wide range of containers: pots, urns, bowls, window boxes, barrels, and groupings of pots. Each cover is labeled to help gardeners use the size that will work best.

Drape over plant
Tighten drawstring
Close quick & easy

Frost Protection Covers are available in 5 models:

  • Frost Cover Medium - The Medium cover is round in shape. It is perfect for medium size pots or smaller. Use on window boxes and in-ground plants as well. The Medium cover features double-pull drawstrings and cord locks to securely hold the cover in place. The cover is 64" across (from edge to edge) and covers containers up to 14" high. The Medium cover is available in white or green fabric.
  • Frost Cover Large - The Large cover is round in shape. It is perfect for large pots, barrels, and groupings of pots. Use on in-ground plants and window boxes, as well. The Large cover features double-pull drawstrings and cord locks to securely hold the cover in place. The cover is 84" across (from edge to edge). The Large cover is available in white or green fabric.
  • Frost Cover Bag - The Bag cover is perfect for hanging baskets. It features handy straps that hold the cover in place on the plant hook. This enables you to use both hands to easily tuck in the whole plant. Double-pull drawstrings and cord locks pull tight to securely hold the cover in place even in the fiercest wind. The Bag is also an excellent cover for shrubs, bushes, tomato cages and other upright plants. The Bag is 55" wide and 48" high.
  • Frost Blanket - Great for odd shapes, ground cover and larger pots that are too big for the Frost Cover bags. Each regular roll is 60" wide 240" long and covers 100 square feet of garden.
  • Frost Blanket, Large - Each large roll is 60" wide 480" long and covers 200 square feet of garden.
Plant Frost Protection Info:
Plant Frost Protection FAQ's
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