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A Booster Shot for Your Soil!

Are your plants suffering from an unhealthy environment? Have they fallen on hard times from being disturbed, losing top soil, or is your soil compact and lacking quality organic matter? Are they looking unhealthy and not responding to any of your efforts to reviview them? The problem could be caused by a lack of beneficial fungi in your soil. You see all the unhealthy conditions listed above reduce the beneficial fungi in the soil and stress out your plants. To solve your plant problems and re-establish healthy plants you need MycoBoost.

All-natural MycoBoost is the easy to use, organic mixture of "beneficial" mycorrhizae fungi. "Mycorrhiza" means "fungus-root" and the name comes from the very important relationship between healthy plants and these root fungi. The specialized good fungi in MycoBoost colonize plant roots, expand into the surrounding soil and greatly increase the root's ability to absorb water and nutrients for healthier plants and turf. This "good fungi" also pushes out disease causing micro-organisms for better plant health. MycoBoost restores the natural partnership between plant and fungus for healthier, happier plants.

You'll see the practical benefits of using MycoBoost almost immediately. MycoBoost quickly helps you grow healtier, better looking plants with more flowers and fruits! And it's so easy to use, just add a few spoonfuls to your watering jug and you'll be playing plant doctor in no time. Look at the difference MycoBoost can make. The pot of grass on the right grown with MycoBoost is so much greener and healthier!

After using MycoBoost, the amounts of mycorrhizal filaments present in your soil are astonishing. Several miles of microscopic fibers can be present in less than a thimbleful of soil! This network of fibers forms a web in your plant's roots that increases the roots surface area by up to 1000 times! This helps your plants grow larger roots to capture and absorb more nutrients. Just look at the difference in root size!

  • MycoBoost reduces drought stress - The same extensive network of fungal filaments important to nutrient uptake is also important in water uptake and storage.
  • MycoBoost reduces water and fertilizer needs - MycoBoost increases the surface area of roots 10 to 1,000 times, this larger surface area means your plants can absorb water and nutrients.
  • MycoBoost increases resistance to soil born diseases - MycoBoost attacks pathogen and disease-causing organisms entering the root zone. So you lose fewer plants to disease.
  • MycoBoost increases nutrient uptake - MycoBoost releases powerful enzymes into the soil that dissolve hard-to-capture nutrients, such as phosphorus, iron and other "tightly bound" soil nutrients.
  • MycoBoost improves soil structure - Mycorrhizal filaments also produce organic "glues" (extra cellular polysaccharides) that bind soils into aggregates (clumps) and improve soil drainage.
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Results You Can See!

MycoBoost's effectiveness can be viewed under an Electron Microscope. The picture at left is an electronmicrograph of mycorrhizal filaments holding sand grains in place and improving soil structure. Radiating threads are mycorrhizal fungi that act as extensions of the plant root system to absorb nutrients.

Proven Effectiveness in University Tests

MycoBoost is the most effective soil inoculum on the market. It's a safe, environmentally-friendly way to improve plant health. MycoBoost meets the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) critieria for organic growing. Proven effective under a wide range of conditions and thousands of plant varieties it's the easy, smart way to improve root growth and plant health.

MycoBoost works on nearly all varieites of ornamental trees and shrubs, turf and ornamental grasses, flowers, houseplants, fruit trees and vegetables of all kinds!


MycoBoost Usage Instructions

MycoBoost is a combination of beneficial fungus in a concentrated powder form. MycoBoost blends well with other powder products or seed. It's perfect for hydromulching applications and improving germination and cover on tough sites.

MycoBoost can be broadcast, worked into seed beds, placed under cuttings, blended into potting soil, or sprinkled near roots at transplant time. When applying MycoBoost for any plant types the goal is to have MycoBoost come in contact with the plant's roots.

As a watering solution for general use on trees, shrubs, flowers, fruit and vegetables: Mix at least 2 tablespoons. of MycoBoost per gallon of water to make a healthy compost tea. You can use a higher ratio if desired, especially with problem plants. Higher amounts will not harm plants. Mix well and keep well mixed while watering. 1 lb. of MycoBoost makes 50 gallons of watering solution. Apply several times throughout the growing season.

For Lawns/Turf: Apply 1 lb. (2 cups) per 4,000 square feet. Use dry in a lawn spreader or mix with water for spray applications. Water thoroughly after dry applications. You shoud apply MycoBoost several times throughout the first growing season until healthy levels mycorrhizae are established.

Mix with Planting Soil: MycoBoost can be mixed into potting soil when filling planters, pots and trays. Use ¼ to ¾ pounds (½ -1½ cups) per cubic yard.

For Indoor or Outdoor Potted plants: Mix 1-2 tsp. in each pot at potting time.

Make a Compost Tea: MycoBoost can be mixed in at a rate of 1.5 oz of dry MycoBoost per 5 gallons of water.

As a Seed Coat: Use 1-2 lbs per acre. Mix dry or use as a solution with enough seeds for 1 acre of coverage.

Transplanting: Touch damp roots to Mycoboost so a small amount sticks to the roots or sprinkle ¼ tsp into each planting hole. You can use the compost tea as root dip during transplanting. Simply spray or mist the root system thoroughly before planting or dip the roots in the compost tea.

When Transplanting Trees: Mix ½ oz. (3 teaspoons) of Mycoboost with water per inch of tree trunk diameter (stem caliper).

Commercial Applications: MycoBoost can be hydro-mulched, banded in rows or side dressed before or during planting. Use 10 lbs per acre.

Should I use fertilizer with MycoBoost

Absolutely, but you should use less fertilizer. If you only use a fertilizer alone, particularly fertilizers with high levels of nutrients, you can push top growth at the expense of root development, making plants vulnerable to stress. Frequent, high levels of fertilizer produce an unbalanced and often unsustainable shoot-to-root ratio. Using MycoBoost improves feeder-root production and your plants will use added fertilizer more effectively, so you can use less fertilizer. Algoflash is the perfect fertilizer for use with MycoBoost. Algoflash is a balanced, non-burning fertilizer that can be added with each watering.

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