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Discover the Real Secret to Growing Plants

MegaGro increases the growth of your plants for better flower gardeningvegetable gardening,indoor gardening and container gardening. MegaGro will help you grow bigger flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees, and shrubs of all varieties. If fertilizer isn't getting the results you want, then try MegaGro, a growth stimulant, that makes your garden or yard the envy of the neighborhood. Amaze friends and family with your new green thumb. It's the secret that professional growers have been using for years. Learn this secret and the Jones's will have to keep up with you!

Get Results Fast:

  • Better Plant Care - Grow larger, greener plants
  • Better Flower Gardening - Grow larger, more plentiful flowers
  • Better Vegetable Gardening - Increase size & yield
  • Better Fruit Growing - Increase size & yield
  • Better Houseplant Care - Revitalize dormant plants

I AM AMAZED!! I grew up farming and I've NEVER seen results like this! It's late May and one expects rapid growth. I treated tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, herbs, flowers and just about everything else in my garden. Almost twice the growth of untreated plants in a 72 hour period! MegaGro is wonder and a blessing to all who want large, healthy, beautiful plants. Thank you so very much.

LAG, Glencoe, CA

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MegaGro Plus 1 Gallon Concentrate
MegaGro Plus 1 Gallon Concentrate
Your Price:$119.95

How MegaGro Works:

  • MegaGro is not a plant food, it's a natural growth stimulant
  • MegaGro triggers new plant cell production
  • NO mixing, NO measuring, NO mess - Easy plant care
  • Just spray plants every 1-2 weeks and watch your plants flourish
  • Fertilizer alone will not stimulate new growth...MegaGro is the key to bigger, fuller plants.
  • Can be combined with fertilizer and nutrient treatments like Algoflash and SoilSyrup forcomplete plant care.

Lawn and Landscape Care:

  • Use the MegaGro Hose-End Sprayer for outdoor applications
  • Easy to use, no mixing required
  • Boost growth of grass, trees, shrubs - perfect for new landscaping!

Good Day, MegaGro. Where to begin? I sprayed my seedlings twice, and I now have plants over 4 feet tall in wire guides. I measured the growth rate again today and it grew 2 inches overnight. Blooms are evident on all plants, but I don't expect mature fruit until the end of September. I have spread the word on your great product for growing tomato plants. Thanks for making my gardening dream come true. (need some tomatoes?)

Ian C. Brampton, Ontario

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