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Liquid Rake

The days of power raking and bagging your thatch are over.

With Liquid Rake at your command, say good-bye to the dust, sweat and backbreaking labor of manual thatch removal.

Does your lawn turn brown easily in the summer or do you get brown spots on your lawn? Does your lawn suffer from diseases like Dollar Spot, Red Thread or Pythium? Do you have frequent problems with grubs, Chinch bugs, or sod worms? Or is your lawn infested with weeds like clover, crabgrass and dandelions? If you answered yes to these questions, then you may have a thatch problem, which is preventing healthy growth of your lawn.

Thatch soaks up water like a sponge preventing water and nutrients from reaching the soil. Moisture and nutrients are absorbed by the thatch and not the soil, preventing grass root systems from developing the depth necessary for drought resistance and long-term good health. Your grass roots grow more in the thatch layer than in the soil, making your lawn more susceptible to heat and drought damage. In addition, excessive thatch provides optimal conditions for diseases like Brown Spot and thatch provides the perfect breeding ground for pests like insects and grubs, which will harm the lawn even further. A thatch condition means a weak, insect and disease-prone lawn that needs Liquid Rake.

Liquid Rake is formulated to accelerate the decomposition of thatch in lawns. Designed to break down thatch, grass clippings, and mower mulch where they lay in your lawn. To fuel this process, our product is packed with thatch-eating microorganisms and enzymes. Thatch and clippings break down quickly into rich, deep humus, which is nature's best fertilizer. Liquid Rake is an environmentally safe, biologically balanced product designed to give you a lush, rich, and green lawn.

Liquid Rake is not a fertilizer, but actually accelerates nature's fertilizer building process.

  • Liquid Rake is Professional Strength - effective under a wide range of conditions and turf types, it's the professional's choice for organic thatch removal. "
  • Liquid Rake is Easy To Use - One 16 oz ready-to-use hose-end sprayer of Liquid Rake treats up to 10,000 square feet of lawn area! "
  • Liquid Rake Benefits Your Lawn - improving water and oxygen penetration into the soil, so your grass grows deeper roots for a stronger and healthier lawn. "
  • Liquid Rake Protects Your Lawn - by minimizing damage from mechanical de-thatching and thatch related turf problems from disease and pests. "
  • Liquid Rake is 100% Natural and Safe - the natural way to treat and control thatch buildup in turf and add beneficial organic material to your soil. Nontoxic and 100% Safe for People, Pets and the Planet. "
  • Liquid Rake Replenishes Humus in Soil - by accelerating the decomposition of thatch and lawn waste into nutrient rich humus that is easily absorbed by your lawn. "
  • Liquid Rake is Environmentally Smart - by decreasing insect and pest breeding, Liquid Rake reduces the need for pesticide applications associated with thatch related lawn problems.
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Liquid Rake, 16 oz. Hose End
Liquid Rake, 16 oz. Hose End
Your Price: $17.95
Liquid Rake, 1 Gallon
Liquid Rake, 1 Gallon
Your Price: $49.95

Thatch Build Up in Turf Causes Problems

Thatch is the straw-like accumulation of dead organic material on the surface of your soil just below the grass line and is usually out of sight. This layer is made up of dead roots, rhizomes and lawn clippings, which have not been broken down. When thatch builds up, it indicates your lawn's health is slipping away.

You can check your thatch layer thickness by pulling up a section of sod or taking a core sample. Look right at the base of the grass blades where they come to meet the soil. You will see a brown matted section of dead organic matter. This is thatch. You will know that you have a serious problem if you see very few live roots extending beyond this layer and if the sod pulls up fairly easily in a nice uniform strip.

A layer that is greater than about 1/4" is too much and should be dealt with appropriately as it keeps valuable water and nutrients from fertilization from ever reaching the soil. Thatch layers over ˝ inch [12.7mm] thick definitely require treatment. Grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass, Creeping bentgrass, and most warm-season grasses (Zoysia or Bermuda grass are particularly prone to thatch problems.

Why Mechanical Dethatching Alone Doesn't Work

Too often mechanical dethatching is the treatment of choice. This is unfortunate, because mechanical dethatchers can rip and tear grass plants and roots. They do little to improve your lawn's long-term health. Dethatching and aerating machines cut through and disturb the thatch layer, allowing water and oxygen penetration. But thatch is often produced faster than normal decomposition and machines can remove it. The result is a recurring problem that requires repeated expensive temporary treatments.

If your lawn has a true thatch condition, you cannot alleviate it with hand raking, power raking or so-called "dethatching" machines. These will only skim the surface of the thatch layer. If you dig in any deeper, you will tear out the grass. The best way to reduce thatch is to get it to decompose.

Why You Should Use Liquid Rake

Liquid Rake contains an advanced formulation of naturally occurring microbes that feed on dead plant tissue. Like any other population, they multiply when there is abundant food (thatch). By adding the concentrated microbes in Liquid Rake, you help nature keep up with the accumulation of dead plant material. Repeated application establishes a thriving community of thatch-eating microbes for a healthier lawn.

It is the safe and natural solution to breaking down thatch without renting a dethatcher, eliminating the dust, sweat, and backbreaking labor involved. Liquid Rake works equally well on grass clippings and mower mulch. Regular treatment with Liquid Rake is the easy way to a lush healthy lawn saving time for more important things.

Liquid Rake is an all-natural product that is a cocktail of safe and beneficial living microorganisms and enzymes necessary to quickly break down organic matter into valuable humus. Liquid Rake is not a fertilizer, but actually accelerates nature's fertilizer building process. Liquid Rake is environmentally safe and will not harm your family or pets.

Liquid Rake Usage Instructions

Liquid Rake accelerates natural thatch decomposition and can reduce or completely eliminate the need for mechanical de-thatching. Research has shown this microbial dethatcher to reduce thatch approximately 50% after three applications at 4-week intervals. Once thatch is broken down, this microbial dethatcher will also help prevent future thatch build up.

Apply to moist or wet lawns. In dry conditions make sure your lawn is watered within 24 hours and do not apply in temperatures over 90 degrees unless you can water your lawn right away. Morning applications with more water are advised during warm weather.

Apply Liquid Rake at 3-6 oz. per 1000 sf. for first time applications or heavy thatch problems. Apply at 1-2 oz per 1000 sf. for recurring applications to keep thatch under control. Or 1-2 gallons per acre if you are using spray equipment other than the Liquid Rake hose-end. Apply every 3 weeks for best results or until thatch is under control. Water it in afterwards with enough water to soak all the way through the thatch layer and into the soil. Can be applied with Lawn Honey or SoilSyrup to help aid penetration through the thatch.

Coverage Per Application:

  • Liquid Rake Hose-End: 16 oz. - Up to 10,000 Square Feet
  • Liquid Rake Gallon: 1 Gallon - Up to 80,000 Square Feet or approximately 2 acres

Liquid Rake works on all grass types - Bahia, Bentgrass, Bermuda, Bluegrass, Buffalo, Carpet, Centipede, Fescue, Ryegrass, St. Augustine, Zoysia.

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