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Home > Tutorials > Indoor Vegetable Gardening
Indoor Vegetable Gardening

Indoor Vegetable Gardening Made Easy
Indoor vegetable gardening is a very easy hobby anyone can do. Vegetables can easily be grown in almost any pot or container. And we make products that make indoor vegetable gardening even easier. SoilSyrup conditions the potting soil and maintain soil humus levels. AquaRocks and AquaSpikes make watering indoor vegetables a breeze. Algoflash is a safe, non-burning vegetable food you can use every time you water. And MegaGro is the secret professional growers use to produce bountiful harvests. So if you want the secret to truly successful indoor vegetable gardening, use MegaGro.

Indoor Gardening Package:

We have the tools to make indoor gardening a breeze. SoilSyrup conditions the potting soil and maintain soil humus levels. AquaRocks and AquaSpikes make watering indoor gardens a lot easier. Algoflash is a safe, non-burning plant food you can use every time you water. And MegaGro is the secret professional growers use to produce beautiful plants. So if you want the secret to truly successful indoor gardening, use MegaGro.

If you're looking for a way to make indoor vegetable gardening simple and easy, get our Indoor Vegetable Gardening Package. It contains everything you need to grow vegetables indoors without a lot of work. The Indoor Vegetable Gardening Package includes:

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AquaRocks 4 lbs
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AquaRocks 3/4 lbs
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Indoor Vegetable Gardening - Condition Your Soil

Our Indoor Vegetable Gardening Package starts with SoilSyrup. Having good soil that's high in humus and nutrients is even more important in indoor vegetable, than it is with traditional gardens. Your vegetables will be counting on you to provide everything they need to grow. Preparing the soil with SoilSyrup is a great way to boost humus levels in containers and help your indoor vegetables absorbs more nutrients. SoilSyrup will actually improve fertilizer absorption, so fertilizers like Algoflash work even better. You can fertilize less and still make sure your indoor vegetable garden is properly feed.

SoilSyrup will also help get your containers ready for planting. SoilSyrup will help improve water retention and drainage in potted plants, something that vital to a healthy indoor vegetable garden. Indoor vegetable gardens also requires that you make sure the soil has adequate drainage, and is lightly packed to allow proper root development, drainage and aeration. If the soil is packed too tightly, there will be problems with root development, drainage and aeration. When you fill the container with soil, make sure there is between one and two inches of space at the top for watering. An easy way to improve the soil aeration and drainage is to mix AquaRocks into the soil. AquaRocks are water-absorbing crystals that will allow you to water less while helping boost root growth.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening Tip - Add generous amounts of organic matter to your indoor vegetable garden. SoilSyrup is the easy way to apply extra organic material.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening - Watering Your Plants

One of the few downsides to indoor vegetable gardening is watering your growing garden. Our Indoor Vegetable Gardening Package solves all that by providing you with the tools to easily water and feed your garden for a tasty harvest. Most plants grown in containers need to be watered frequently, and as they grow larger, the watering requirements increase. This is particularly true when plants like tomatoes are producing fruit. By using AquaRocks and AquaSpikes, you'll be able to grow a large indoor vegetable garden without spending a lot of time and effort watering your plants.

Because the volume of soil is relatively small, indoor vegetable gardens can dry out very quickly, especially if they are on in full sunlight. It's even more important to add AquaRocks to the soil to help maintain moisture levels when container gardening.

Make sure to check them and water daily if necessary. The smaller the container, the more frequent the watering. If you are going away, have a neighbor check them or use our Vacation Watering System.

Feel the soil to determine whether it is damp. If you notice your plants wilt easily or you have to water very frequently, you can always add more AquaRocks to the container. Simply poke several deep holes in the soil, making sure you're reaching the root zone and add a few AquaRocks to each hole. Remember, use sparingly, AquaRocks will expand to almost 400 times their dry size as they absorb water, so a little goes a long way. Consider using AquaSpikes and AquaRocks to create an automatic trickle irrigation system if you plan to be away for extended periods.

Using AquaSpikes will ensure you're deep watering your indoor vegetables at the root zone. AquaSpikes are incredibly easy to use and are really great for indoor vegetable gardening. You just screw them onto the top of old two-liter plastic bottles, saw the bottom off the bottle, and then sink them into the soil. Fill the bottle with water and liquid feed, and your watering is done for the next few days or even longer. When used with AquaRocks, one application can keep your soil moist for weeks!

The sides and tip of AquaSpikes contain holes for releasing water slowly into the soil. Sink them into the soil just a little bit for quick watering of shallow roots, or deeper for established plants, where surface watering often has difficulty penetrating down to new roots! You can set as many as you need around the plant, or just use one and refill it in seconds with the watering can as you "do the rounds" in indoor vegetable garden. You save a lot of time and you don't have to worry about spills.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening Tip -Use AquaSpikes for direct root watering and to promote healthy root growth.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening - Sunlight

Good indoor vegetable gardening requires at least five hours of direct sunlight each day, and many plants will benefit from even more. As a general rule, leafy vegetables such as cabbage and lettuce can tolerate the most shade, while root crops such as beets and carrots will need more sun. Fruiting vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers need the most sun. Rotate your containers in a circular motion every couple of days to provide even sunlight to all the plants in the container.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening - Fertilizer

Indoor vegetable gardening requires that you fertilize regularly, since you're flushing nutrients out with each watering. Fertilize plants with the recommended rate of a water-soluble fertilizer like Algoflash. It's a good idea to use a dilute liquid fertilizer with every other watering but at least every two to three weeks. Algoflash is a complete, balanced fertilizer that will add trace elements to the soil. Algoflash will not burn and kill your plants. Adding SoilSyrup can also help add humus to protect container plants from over-fertilizing or over-liming. Our Indoor Vegetable Package comes with a liter of Algoflash all-purpose plant food, enough to keep your garden fed for months.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening Tip -Use Algoflash every time you water to safely keep your indoor garden fed and provide trace nutrients to keep vegetables healthy.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening - When To Plant

One of the great aspects of indoor vegetable gardening is you don't have to stick to any schedule. You can start indoor vegetable gardens any time you want. You can start vegetables from seed much easier indoors because you don't have to wait for certain weather conditions. MegaGro is a great way to help boost germination of even the most difficult seed. As the seeds sprout, make sure that you thin them. One squash or broccoli seed will make a very large plant. Or you can start your indoor vegetable gardening from nursery purchased plants and instantly add beauty to your containers.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening Tip - Plant a mixture of annual and perennial vegetables, with a mix of early and later season crops.

Cherry tomatoes are especially fun and easy for indoor vegetable gardening. They will continue to grow for a very long time as you continue to pick off the little tomatoes. Herbs are another favorite for indoor vegetable gardeners. They are perfect for container gardening. Many of them are very attractive and will spill over the containers. Most also have a very fragrant odor. Mint, rosemary, chives and cilantro grow best in the cooler months. They can be grown from cuttings, seed or transplants.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening - Boosting Your Harvest

For years, commercial growers have been using MegaGro all over the world to achieve better blossom and fruit set. As a flower and fruit set, MegaGro is the best for indoor vegetable gardens to help your plants product more fruit. Containing an easy to use formula of Gibberellic acid, all you have to do is spray your plants and watch them grow! MegaGro works great with any plant you're growing indoors. MegaGro is the secret to great indoor vegetable gardening.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening Tip -Spray your indoor vegetables with MegaGro for a bountiful harvest and giant vegetables.

By following these tips and using our Indoor Vegetable Package, you'll be able to enjoy your indoor gardening without a lot of work. So try indoor vegetable gardening, it's fun, inexpensive and rewarding.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening


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