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Ice Clear

Eco-Friendly De-icer Stops Ice Before it Starts!

Do you hate the white residue rock salt leaves behind? Do you worry about what salt de-icers do to your pets? Do you have damage to your lawn and landscaping because of salt, like brown foliage, stunted growth and die-back along walks and driveways? Then you need IceClear, the perfect winter product to prevent ice and snow.

IceClear is a totally new ice prevention technology that is easy to use and won't damage plants, pavement or the environment like salt does. Ideal for home use, IceClear is absolutely safe for lawns, trees or ornamentals in your yard. In fact, IceClear actually fertilizes plants once it breaks down!

Works Much Better Than Salt!

IceClear is a 100% organic product that was developed using the latest environmental de-icing technology for military and commercial runways! IceClear is the safest, most cost-effective deicing/anti-icing agent on the market. You can use IceClear as an ice melt or for even more effective results, use IceClear as an anti-icing agent to actually prevent ice formation and accumulation in the first place. IceClear stops ice from bonding to walkway and driveway surfaces, taking the work out of winter snow and ice removal. IceClear does not contain any salts or glycols and has the lowest environmental impact of any de-icer on the market. IceClear is the ideal product for safe and effective winter maintenance where environmental impact and corrosion protection are a concern.

IceClear is the safest, most effective, and most environmentally friendly de-icing product on the market.

  • IceClear is the Safe Choice for Kids and Pets: Ideal for home use! IceClear will not damage trees, shrubs, lawns or ornamentals. Non-Toxic and completely safe for pets and children. IceClear contains no corrosive salts that can damage your pet's paws.
  • IceClear is the Environmental Choice. IceClear is a special blend of materials derived from natural resources. IceClear is 100% organic, biodegrades readily, and contains no toxic materials or corrosive salts. IceClear won't harm plants or animals. In the environment, it breaks down quickly and completely to carbon dioxide and water. It has a very low Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and does not contain phosphates or urea that can lead to fish-kills if it gets into waterways.
  • IceClear is the Homeowners Choice - IceClear is less corrosive than distilled water! It will not harm metals, concrete or paving which will lead to a longer life for driveways, sidewalks, railings and fences. IceClear will not damage lawns, shrubs, or vegetation, so you can safely use it around expensive landscaping. Unlike other de-icers, IceClear has absolutely no corrosive chlorides, and it will not track or stain your carpets. IceClear is the wise choice for protecting your family and property this winter.
  • IceClear is the Effective Choice: IceClear is a high performance de-icing agent. IceClear has the lowest freezing point of any product on the market -76F! IceClear has excellent ice melting capacity. IceClear is a safe, economic product that will help you protect your equipment, infrastructure and environment from winter snow and ice.
  • IceClear is Easy to Use. IceClear is a fast acting liquid that can be applied by conventional spray equipment. No mixing is required, simply spray IceClear on your walks and driveway and watch it work. IceClear is a stable product that will not settle, ferment or develop any unpleasant odors. Use IceClear as an ice preventer before the storm comes or use it as an ice melter after the snow and ice arrive.

Why should I use IceClear when salt is cheaper?

Salt may be cheaper in the short run, but you pay for it in the long run in the form of dead or damaged plants, cracked driveways and sidewalks, messy carpets, and faster corrosion on everything you own. IceClear is less corrosive than water. It does not harm any plant life (in fact it fertilizes plants once it breaks down). It has no odor. It does not stain (in case you track it into the house).

Directions for Use

The amount of IceClear required varies with outside temperature and thickness of snow and ice. One gallon can pre-treat a two-car driveway, plus walkways, multiple times. For best results, use a pressurized sprayer and apply as a pre-treatment prior to snow or ice storms. Pre-treatment 1 to 2 hours before a storm will prevent ice formation and bonding to driveways and walkways, making snow removal quick and easy.

IceClear can be left in the pump sprayer (it does not freeze until -76F) so it is ready to be used just prior to a storm.

Anti-Icing: The most effective use of IceClear is pre-treatment application prior to the start of an icing event. Pre-treatment will prevent ice formation and bonding to concrete. Apply at the rate of 0.5 gallon per 1000 square feet.

De-icing: IceClear is also an excellent de-icer, which can be applied directly to snow and ice. IceClear will penetrate to the driveway or walkway surface, breaking the bond of snow and ice. While the amount of fluid required depends on outside temperature as well as the thickness of the ice film, an application of 1.0 gallon per 1000 square feet is recommended for thin ice and 3.0 gallons per 1000 square feet for ice up to an inch thick.

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