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Houseplant Care

Stop Your Houseplants from Dying - Ever Again!

Many people choose not to bring plants into their homes because they think they can't grow and care for them. If you've had a brown thumb in the past and killed every plant you ever owned, listen up. Often a little success is all it takes for someone to catch the gardening bug and develop a full fledged "green thumb". Learning the basics of houseplant care, will give you that green thumb and allow you to enjoy houseplants as part of your everyday life.

Houseplant care is something anyone can master. MegaGro products are designed to help makehouseplant care simple and easy. To grow beautiful houseplants, all you have to do is use the right products and follow a few basic principals.

Houseplant Care Package:

If you're looking for a sure-fire way to make houseplant care easier, then you've come to the right place. We offer the tools you'll need to grow beautiful plants. Our houseplant care package will provide everything you need for better soil, feeding your plants, making watering a breeze and boosting growth.

Our Houseplant Care Kit contains everything you need to grow greener, more beautiful plants without a lot of work. The Houseplant Care Kit includes:

 Products (Total Items: 3)
AquaSpikes - 4 pack
AquaSpikes - 4 pack
Your Price: $6.95
AquaRocks 3/4 lbs
AquaRocks 3/4 lbs
Your Price: $9.95
AquaRocks 4 lbs
AquaRocks 4 lbs
Your Price: $39.95

Houseplant Care - Choosing The Right Plant for the Right Place

Most house plants are comfortable in the same temperatures we are. Coming from tropical climates, they feel most at home temperatures from 65 to 75º F. Some, like cactus and succulents can tolerate much higher and lower temperatures having evolved in desert climates with very high and low temperature extremes. Proper houseplant care requires that you take into consideration the place of origin of a plant and try to match it to the micro-environment you are trying fill. If the area is next to the oven or on a hot window sill, then a desert plant such as an Aloe vera will do well in the higher temperatures and light that area of your home generally experiences. If you are looking to fill a space in your bathroom, where it will be moist and shady, think of a fern. Finding the right plant for the right area is probably the most important factor in ensuring proper houseplant care and a healthy plant.

Houseplant Care - Light

All plants need light to grow, but the amount will vary by type. Most will need moderate to high light, but only a few such as cactus can tolerate direct sunlight. Houseplants can be grown using only artificial light, but most will need some exposure to natural sunlight to thrive. The natural sunlight will provide the full spectrum of light needed to maintain all life-cycle processes. This is particularly true for flowering varieties. Direct sun can be very harsh on most plants, particularly when it is magnified through window glass. Make sure you provide some filter for full summer sun, either by pulling the shades or periodically moving the plant out of the direct rays for proper houseplant care. Most houseplants are generally classified according to four basic light requirements; full sun, semi-sun, semi-shade and shade.

Houseplant Care - Temperature

Temperature is key to a plant's growth since most will go dormant if the temperature drops to low. When trying to find the appropriate place for a plant, good houseplant care suggests you take note not only of the "average" temperature of the area, but also if the area gets frequent drafts, such as a doorway. As general rule, avoid placing plants too close to windows since the air near the window can experience much higher or lower temperatures than that of the rest of the room. Most plants can generally tolerate a much larger variation in temperatures than most people would expect. But if you think this might be the case, you need to adjust your care accordingly, For example, if you expect the temperature to be below the ideal range, such as in winter, reduce the watering amount or frequency. If the temperature will be higher than expected, give the plant additional water to maintain humidity.

Houseplant Care - Moisture and Watering

Watering is probably the most problematic area of houseplant care. Most people over water and this can quickly kill the plant. Most plants should be kept moist but not wet and there are a number of ways to provide the plant with water that do not involve direct watering. The simplest way to maintain humidity is to mist the plants regularly and to use a water-absorbing gel like as AquaRocks. AquaRocks as great at keeping soil moist and holding water after waterings. You're plants only use the water when they need it. It's a great tool in your houseplant care kit. When watering a particular plant, you should pay attention to the variety, as some such as cyclamen will benefit from bottom watering. Otherwise, watering from the top will suit most plants just fine. Or you can use ourAquaSpikes for direct root watering. AquaSpikes are incredibly easy to use. You just screw them onto the top of old two-liter plastic bottles, saw the bottom off the bottle, and then sink them into the soil. Fill the bottle with water and liquid feed, and your watering is done for the next few days or even longer. When used with AquaRocks, one application can keep your soil moist for weeks! Now that'shouseplant care! Sink them into the soil just a little bit for quick watering of shallow roots, or deeper for established plants, where surface watering often has difficulty penetrating down to new roots! You can set one in a houseplant and refill it in seconds with the watering can as you "do the rounds" in your home.

Houseplant Care - Fertilizer and Feeding

There are a wide variety of fertilizer forms. Good houseplant care includes the use of a balanced, non-burning fertilizer. Try our award winning fertilizer, Algoflash. Holder of over 28 Guinness World Records! Ideal for houseplant careindoor gardening and container gardening. Works great forgrowing tomatoes and growing roses. Algoflash is a balanced fertilizer designed to deliver the 12 essential nutrients that plants need. It is non-burning and can be used every time you water. It also maintains the basic pH level of the soil, so that the plant can consume all these nutrients. Algoflash will not burn plants, making it perfect for hydroponics, acid-loving plants, and houseplant care. Algoflash is colorless and odorless. Unlike other blue fertilizers, this will not stain.

And to make your fertilizer more effective, use SoilSyrup. SoilSyrup actually helps plants absorb nutrients more effectively for better houseplant care. You'll get more out of your fertilizer with SoilSyrup.

An for really amazing results with indoor plants try MegaGro. MegaGro is designed to trigger plant growth, and by using MegaGro you can get houseplants to flower, something that can be difficult with many varieties under indoor conditions. MegaGro is a flexible, multi-purpose solution that will benefit nearly all species and varieties of plants. For most ornamental houseplants, simply use the MegaGro spray as formulated in your houseplant care routine to increase the size, height and leaf area forbetter houseplant care.

Houseplant Care - Soil

Many experts will tell you to refresh the soil in your houseplants every year. To make sure your houseplants have good soil to grow in, we suggest you add SoilSyrup to your everyday houseplant care. With SoilSyrup, there's no need to go through the hassle and mess of changing potting soil, simply add SoilSyrup every time you water for healthier soil and better indoor gardeningcontainer gardening, and houseplant care. It's that easy. Organic SoilSyrup is the most concentrated organic material available for improved plant growth and soil improvement. SoilSyrup's rich organic makeup is incredibleSoilSyrup is a must-have for good houseplant care of soil in potted plants and for container gardening. SoilSyrup is beneficial for improving the growth of all plants and quickly revitalizing soils.

Download our Guide to Houseplant Care (pdf 27k)

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