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Grass Seed

Amazing Lawn Product Boosts Grass Seed Growth by 60%!

Have you tried to grow a lawn from seed only to wind up with a few green patches in a sea of dirt? Do you have dead spots from your pet doing his duty that just won't reseed? Would you like to have a beautiful lawn without paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for sod? If you answered yes, to any of these questions, you need Lawn Honey!

Whether you are trying to seed a new lawn or are re-seeding trouble spots in your existing lawn, Lawn Honey is the perfect way to guarantee grass seed germination. Lawn Honey grass seed accelerator will give you the lush, green lawn you’ve always dreamed of. Lawn Honey makes growing grass and grass seed germination  more effective with very little effort. You'll be growing grass in no time with Lawn Honey

When planting grass seed, Lawn Honey acts as a tackifier to hold the grass seed in place and provide moisture to the grass seed while the seed germinates. You'll see more seed germination with Lawn Honey, and the result is a beautiful green lawn grown quickly from seed. An what’s more, it can save thousands of dollars and months of hard work over laying grass sod.

"I was skeptical of Lawn Honey, so I did an experiment. When I re-seeded my lawn this spring, I treated half the lawn with Lawn Honey, and half without. The half that was treated with Lawn Honey all grew in full and lush, and fast. The other half looked so bad in comparison, I stopped the experiment after 2 weeks, and treated the whole yard! Lawn Honey made growing grass from seed a whole lot easier! My kids really love playing in the soft full grass!"

JJ, Naperville, IL

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Seed Germination and Growing Grass

Lawn Honey is a new lawn care product that makes growing grass seed as easy as turning on your water hose.

  • Grow Fuller Lawns from Grass Seed
  • Promote Root Growth
  • Hold Grass Seed in Place
  • Improve Grass Seed Germination
  • Reduce Watering and Fertilizing up to 50%
  • Improve Soil Structure for Healthy Lawn

Lawn Honey requires no measuring, mixing or calculating - just hook up the hose and spray! Lawn Honey is safe for use around pets and animals. Use Lawn Honey every 4-6 weeks for a beautiful lawn.

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Lawn Honey 16 oz Refill
Lawn Honey 16 oz Refill
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Lawn Honey 1 Gallon Refill
Lawn Honey 1 Gallon Refill
Your Price: $79.95

Lawn Honey For Faster Grass Seed Germination and Growth

Lawn Honey is an amazing polymer that actually binds soil and fertilizer particles together at the root zone for healthier grass and plants. Lawn Honey is a super soil penetrant that has excellent filtration properties to get water and nutrients into the root zone where they are needed most. It helps prevent salt build-up and will reduce plant stress. Lawn Honey will not hold excess moisture and allows are for excellent flow-through of heavy rains. It is perfect for preventing puddling in high rainfall areas. Lawn Honey is perfect for seed germination and growing grass from grass seed to help hold the grass seed in place and help develop a strong root system.

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