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Grass Sod

Thousands Now Have Beautiful Lawns Who Never Thought They Could

When you decide to install grass sod, you are making a significant investment in the look of your home. Growing grass sod can cost anywhere from $.15 to $.50 cents per square foot and without proper care, that investment could go down the drain. New grass sod takes plenty of moisture to help insure it takes root. And that's where Lawn Honey can help ensure your new grass sod gets the moisture it needs to create a lush beautiful lawn. By holding more water in the soil, you can save time and money on your new grass sod. Lawn Honey makes growing grass easy.

Lawn Honey - is a new lawn care product that makes growing grass sod and new sod maintenance as easy as turning on your water hose. Lawn Honey is a water-absorbing gel that stores water and fertilizer in the soil and is a must-have for any homeowner serious about growing grass.

Start Your Sod Off Right!

When planting grass sod, Lawn Honey acts to increase the water holding capabilities of the sod and improve root growth. Keeping the grass sod moist and well watered is the most critical aspect of getting new grass sod to take. Lawn Honey will help moisturize the grass sod while the new feeder roots take hold. You'll be growing grass in no time.

  • Grow Fuller Lawns from Sod
  • Help New Grass Sod Take Root
  • Promote Root Growth
  • Reduce Watering of New Sod by as much as 50%
  • Reduce Fertilizer use on New Sod
  • Promote Healthier, Greener Lawns from Sod

Lawn Honey requires no measuring, mixing or calculating - just hook up the hose and spray! Lawn Honey is safe for use around pets and animals. Use Lawn Honey every 4-6 weeks for a beautiful lawn.

Products (Total Items: 3)
Lawn Honey 16 oz Refill
Lawn Honey 16 oz Refill
Your Price:$14.95
Lawn Honey Hose End Sprayer
Lawn Honey Hose End Sprayer
Your Price:$17.95
Lawn Honey 1 Gallon Refill
Lawn Honey 1 Gallon Refill
Your Price:$79.95

Watch your grass sod go

From this...

Growing Grass Sod

To this...

Growing Grass Sod

To this!

Growing Grass Sod with Lawn Honey

In just a few weeks with Lawn Honey

Lawn Honey is an amazing polymer that actually binds soil and fertilizer particles together at the root zone for healthier sod. Lawn Honey is a super soil penetrant that has excellent filtration properties to get water and nutrients into the root zone where they are needed most. It helps prevent salt build-up and will reduce lawn stress. Lawn Honey will not hold excess moisture and allows are for excellent flow-through of heavy rains. It is perfect for preventing puddling in high rainfall areas. Lawn Honey is perfect for use with new lawn plantings and new grass sod to help develop a strong root system. A must-have for easy lawn care.

And for healthy soil, try SoilSyrup Soil conditioner to help provide trace minerals for new grass sod that will make your new lawn the envy of all your friends. View our lawn care products to learn which solution is best for you or check out our Lawn Care 1-2-3 package and get it all!

Discover the many benefits of growing grass sod with Lawn Honey.


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