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Gibberellic Acid

Learn How to Really Grow Plants with Gibberellins by MegaGro

MegaGro is a plant growth product containing gibberellins. Gibberellins are the secret commercial growers have been using for years to improve crop yields. Now this miracle plant growth regulator is available to the general public. Once you learn this secret you will be growing plants like a Master Gardener!

MegaGro, is sprayed onto plants as a foliar spray at various intervals, depending on the species and desired results. The plant's leaves will absorb the water and gibberellins, delivering the plant growthGibberellic Acidstimulator throughout the plant.

Discover how using MegaGro's natural growth booster will result in bigger, greener plants; larger more beautiful blossoms; and higher yields.



"I did very well with MegaGro and have become some what of a celebrity in my first year growing pumpkins. My pumpkin reached 900 lbs. in only 49 days! This is extremely good, for the experts of giant pumpkin growing say that it's impossible to get a large one like mine this far south (Bahamas). After applying your product to the fruit it gained 42 lbs. in just 24 hours!" See My Photos

S.T., Bahamas

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MegaGro Plus 1 Gallon Concentrate
MegaGro Plus 1 Gallon Concentrate
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"Your MegaGro is some pretty amazing stuff! This amazing growth took place in less than 60 days. I have also had great results with my Citrus, Camellia sinenesis, and Bananas.

Now to the pineapples. First the White Jade, these two crowns received in the Spring of 2002 showed the most dramatic growth. The Victoria Gourmet and Royal Hawaiian came from a nursery in Miami, they both had cold damage and were almost dormant, In three months there was very little growth. I started spraying them with MegaGro in late June and you sure can see the results. All plants that were sprayed have more than doubled in size. It also woke up the ones that had been injured." See My Photo

M.R., Ocean Springs, MS

Our Plant Growth Products

MegaGro's natural growth boosters are safe to use on all houseplants, outdoor plants, fruits, and vegetables. It does not harm our ecosystem. MegaGro contains no harmful chemicals, and is 100% safe for use around plants, people, pets and the planet. We offer a topical spray treatment with refills and a highly concentrated solution to be combined with water. Our products are designed to increase the growth of plants, flowers, vegetables, and fruits. Using MegaGro Concentrate along with MegaGro Spray will increase desired results.

Read more about MegaGro and how I can help your garden grow.
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