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Rescue Your Lawn From Your Dog with Dogonit Lawn Repair

Is your dog making a shambles of your once beautiful lawn? Does your lawn look like a patchwork of yellow spots? Then bring your lawn back to life with Dogonit Soil Treatment. This totally organic liquid is scientifically designed to heal the areas of your lawn "burnt" by dog urine or salt accumulation. Completely biodegradable, this product will actually improve the quality of your soil by allowing more air, water, and nutrients to penetrate. Dogonit is dual-action, so it not only helps heal burned spots, but also prevents them from reoccurring!

Dogonit's formula promotes growth and healing in Fido's favorite outdoor areas and also repairs those lawn areas burned by road salt. Best of all, Dogonit is a probiotic complex of natural enzymes that speed up the breakdown of pet urine to help flush dog urine out of tight compacted soils. Dogonit also breaks down organic substances in the soil to make the soil less toxic. By making the soil less toxic, it stimulates vigorous new growth, which results in a healthier, better-looking lawn.

Dogonit is incredibly easy to use. Simply spray each burn spot, approximately 4-5 inches in diameter, with 7-8 sprays and flush with water. Repeat every 5-7 days until the spot has grown in. For best results, apply as soon as possible after the dog has urinated on lawn or when first signs of yellowing appear.

With Dogonit you'll have no more brown doggy spots in your lawn!

Dogonit is 100% for people, pets and the planet. Dogonit contains natural ingredients: water, plant extracts and plant enzymes.

"My husband works very hard on our grass yard and had become upset with the yellow urine spots made by our new Golden Retriever puppy. We saw your product mentioned in the home section of our newspaper and decided to give it a try. I have recently placed my second order for Dogonit and wanted you to know how impressed we are with your product. It really lives up to its claim. We have recommended it to several of our neighbors."

Lee Paul -Phoenix, AZ

Dogonit is the cure for healing yellow spot in your lawn for a green lawn you can be proud of.

  • Dogonit is easy to use - Simply spray each spot and flush with water. Repeat every 5-7 days until spot has grown in.
  • Dogonit keeps your yard looking great - Dogonit helps grass grow back so your lawn looks green and healthy. No more doggy damage.
  • Dogonit improves the soil - Dogonit safely breaks down dog and pet urine, turning it into nutrients your lawn can use. It makes the soil less toxic and promotes growth.
  • Dogonit is safe for you, your family and your pets - Dogonit is 100% for people, pets and the planet. Dogonit contains natural ingredients water, plant extracts and plant enzymes.

We also offer a tremendous variety of Lawn Care products to help with your turf needs. From thatch removal with Liquid Rake to lawn maintenance with our Lawn Care 1-2-3 package to drought prevention with Lawn Honey, we have your needs covered!

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Dogonit Lawn Repair, 32 oz Spray
Dogonit Lawn Repair, 32 oz Spray
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"As the owner of three dogs, two of whom are female, I have discovered that Dogonit has been extremely effective in eliminating yellow spots in my lawn and restoring them to their original condition. This is a great product that is both effective and easy to use. Within days, you can see the results as the burnt areas in the lawn disappear and become green again. I recommend Dogonit to all of my pet owner friends."

Lucy Kaplan -Northbrook, IL

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