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Crabgrass Killer

Kill Crabgrass the Safe and Natural Way!

Crabgrass Killer is a natural weed killer used to kill crabgrass, chickweed, and many other weeds. If your weed problem consists of the aforementioned plants, there's really no need to spray your lawn with unsafe chemicals. Crabgrass Killer is effective at killing several of the most common species of weeds. Within three to five days you will see the weeds begin to wilt and die. Crabgrass Killer is recommended for use on a wide variety of weeds including Hairy Crabgrass, Smooth Crabgrass, Blanket Crabgrass, Basket Grass, Chickweed, Clover, Dallisgrass, Dollar Weed (Pennywort), Goat Head Weed, Heartleaf Drymary, Nut Sedge Grass, Texas Poinsettia (euphorbia), Yellow Woodsorrel, Cuban Purple Woodsorrel, India Crabgrass, Virginia Buttonweed and many others. Unlike many weed killers, Crabgrass Killer is non-toxic. It's better for the environment, it's better for you and it works!

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Crabgrass Killer, 2 lbs
Crabgrass Killer, 2 lbs
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Crabgrass Killer, 25 lbs
Crabgrass Killer, 25 lbs
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Crabgrass Killer is an inexpensive, easy-to-use solution for your crab grass problem. All you have to do is dampen the weed with water, sprinkle a thin layer of Crabgrass Killer on the weed, and wait a few days for the crab grass to wilt and die. This product is safe even with kids and pets. The patented formula contains all-natural ingredients that can actually be found in many kitchens. The active ingredient of Crabgrass Killer is cinnamon bark. Inert ingredients include wheat flower, corn flower, cumin, and sodium hydrogen bicarbonate (also known as baking soda). You will not find a safer herbicide.

  • Crabgrass Killer is the Safe Choice: Crabgrass Killer is a safe solution for your problem with crabgrass, basket grass, chickweed, and clover. This safe weed killer is made from all-natural compounds. Most importantly, you can rest assured that this herbicide will not harm your pets or your kids.
  • Crabgrass Killer is the Professional's Choice: This nontoxic formula is the herbicide of choice for many lawn care professionals. It's relatively inexpensive and poses no threat to the environment. Whether you're a professional groundskeeper or someone who just wants to get rid of some crabgrass, basket grass, or chickweed, this post-emergent herbicide will work for you.
  • Crabgrass Killer is Easy to Use. Simply sprinkle Crabgrass Killer on weeds and activate with water. As the product turns from white to yellow you'll know it's working to kill crabgrass. You'll see weeds start to die in a matter of days!
  • Crabgrass Killer is the Effective Choice. Crabgrass Killer, will selectively destroy these weeds without damaging your lawn.

Crabgrass Killer is safe for most grass types. It will not harm Southern grasses such as Bahia, Bermuda, Centipede, St. Augustine or Zoysia. We have also seen great results with Bentgrass, Buffalo, Carpet, and Ryegrass. Crabgrass Killer can cause damage to Bluegrass and Fescue.

Special Lawn Care Tip - Crabgrass problems can start ANY time of year the soil temperature is a constant 50 degrees or above. Crabgrass can germinate when turf is stressed or sparse, so Springtime treatments of existing Crabgrass can help control spreading.

CRABGRASS KILLER is effective on:

  • Hairy Crabgrass
  • Smooth Crabgrass
  • Chickweed
  • Basketgrass
  • Clover
  • Dollar Weed
  • Other similar weeds

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