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Burnout Weed & Grass Killer, Concentrate
Burnout Weed & Grass Killer
Burnout Weed & Grass Killer, Concentrate
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  • Kills weeds in less than eight hours
  • Completely kills top growth within 24 hours
  • Natural herbicide
  • Will not harm nearby plants
  • St Gabriel Organics Burnout Weed & Grass Killer - It's Organic!

    The Best Organic Weed And Grass Killer On The Market! Guaranteed!

    How many times have you sprayed those weeds, stomped those weeds and pulled that grass from your well manicured yard and your perfectly designed beds? Then you wait and you wait and wait - then what happens? Nothing, zip, zilch, nada, zero results. It's enough to make you want to pull your hair out along with those darn weeds!

    We understand and we know what you are going through and that's why we recommend the Burnout Weed & Grass Killer. So what exactly is Burnout Weed & Grass Killer and what is it going to do for me?

    Let Me Tell You Exactly What It Does!

    • Kills weeds in less than eight hours and completely kills top growth within 24 hours
    • It is a broad spectrum natural herbicide
    • Will not move through the soil and harm nearby plants
    • Annuals are killed instantly

    • Safe to use around your ponds and streams
    • Treated areas can be seeded one day after application

    What Types Of Weeds And Grass Does It Kill?

    • Chickweed, Black Medic

    • Dandelion ( in less than three hours!)
    • Clover, Sicklepod, Quackgrass, Bluegrass
    • Pigweed, Algae, Moss, Foxtail
    • Ivy Leaf, Morning Glory, Poison Hemlock
    • Milkweed Liverwort, Ragweed

    Where Can I Apply Burnout Weed & Grass Killer?

    • Walkways, driveways, patios, fence lines
    • Shrubbery beds, lawns, gardens, around ponds
    • Mulch beds, flower beds, orchards, around streams
    • Treat between crops (as long as you don't accidentally spray the crops)

    Burnout Weed & Grass Killer is all organic and is OMRI listed for use in organic production so it is safe to use around children and animals and it's safe for the environment too! Use it anywhere you want to control weeds and unwanted grass. You can even kill your annuals immediately.

    There are some instances when it may take a second application to completely rid yourself of the unwanted growth such as: perennials and mature weeds. Your Burnout Weed & Grass Killer will take out those pesky plants right down to their roots!

    Well, there you have it - the best weed and grass killer you will ever use or have ever used for that matter, but you must be quick because the Burnout Weed & Grass Killer sells out fast. This product is so popular it's hard to keep on the shelves. Order yours today before supplies run out. You have nothing to lose - if you don't like it, return it - we have a 30 day money back guarantee. That is how confident we are that you are absolutely going to love your new Burnout Weed & Grass Killer!


    It's Organic But What Is It Made Of?

    • Clove oil, vinegar, lemon juice

    • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Lecithin

    • Water, citric acid, mineral oil

    So How Much Burnout Weed & Grass Killer Do I Need?

    24 oz Spray Bottle treats - 100 sq ft

    64 oz Sprayer treats - 300 sq ft

    128 oz (1 gallon) Pump Tank Spray treats - 600 sq ft

    32 oz (1/4 gallon) concentrate treats 450 sq ft

    2.5 gallon concentrate treats 4,500 sq ft

    How Do I Apply My Burnout Weed & Grass Killer?

    • Simply spray the affected area then sit back and imagine what your landscape will look like by tomorrow and how much easier your life is going to be from now on

    Other Sizes
    Burnout Weed & Grass Killer, Ready to Use Spray
    Burnout Weed & Grass Killer, Ready to Use Spray
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