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Bareblaster Ice

BareBlaster Ice Torch - Immediate Ice Melting Results!

What's the quickest way to get rid of ice and snow? That's right - a direct flame will melt stubborn and dangerous ice and snow packs like nothing else! There are many instances throughout the winter when you just can't wait for a standard ice melt to work. Perhaps you are opening your store or shop and need to melt away dangerous ice before a customer accidentally slips and falls outside your storefront costing you thousands or millions of dollars in liability! Or, perhaps you need immediate access for handicapped people or the elderly! Maybe it's the children that require quick and safe access up or down the stairs on their way to school.

The Bare Blaster propane torch for ice is the fastest ice melter that is available. The Bare Blaster propane torch for ice utilizes a standard size canister of propane that is commonly available at all hardware stores and home centers. Just screw the canister of propane directly onto the threads on the Bare Blaster propane torch for ice and take it outside. A few clicks of a striker starter and the adjustable flame is burning and ready to melt even the toughest accumulations of ice and snow.

BareBlaster provides immediate ice melting of dangerous icy areas.

  • BareBlaster can keep your property safe: BareBlaster's focused flame burns through the toughest ice & snow! Use on walkways, steps & driveways. Keep your property safe from accidental slips and falls. Melting ice with BareBlaster eliminates problems caused by salts.
  • BareBlaster is inexpensive. Clean burning and inexpensive, you can melt thousands of square feet of ice on a single cylinder.
  • BareBlaster is tough - It is made of nickel plated steel and brass to withstand the elements and years of heavy-duty use. You can use it all winter long to melt ice and then work it all summer killing weeds, patching blacktop and more.
  • BareBlaster is Easy to Use. The BareBlaster ice torch has a full 31"reach so you won't have to bend and stoop. Lighweight and easy to use, it weighs just 4 lbs with the propane tank (not included), so it's easy to handle. Standard propane tanks, either the 14 oz. or 26 oz. available at most hardware stores just screw right on. Adjustable flame control gives you complete control.

BareBlaster Kills Weeds Too!

There are a 1001 good uses for the Bare Blaster propane ice torch. In the winter time you can use BareBlaster to thaw frozen water pipes quickly and easily. Or use it to dry or thaw sand, dirt and other materials used in construction and excavation.

After the winter season is over, the Bare Blaster torch makes a great way of killing unwanted weeds that grow on your lawn or between your pavers. Flame weeds in your yard, garden, concrete cracks, rock gardens, driveways and along fence lines. Perfect along chainlink fences! Flaming reduces or eliminates spraying chemicals and is a lot more fun than pulling weeds! You can use the Bare Blaster to heat blacktop tar, asphalt and roofing materials for driveway or roofing repairs. Start charcoal, campfires, burn barrels and back fires. STERILIZE bird and animal cages, pens and other nonflammable confinement areas. REMOVE paint, grease, oil, plastic and other residues from metal, concrete and other nonflammable objects, and MUCH MORE!

Directions for Use


The BareBlaster Ice Torch is to be used outdoors only in well ventilated areas. The BareBlaster Ice Torch produces very high temperatures and care should always be taken around flammable materials such as dry grass, leaves, etc. as they easily catch on fire and could pose a fire hazard. Always be aware of where the flame is directed; always keep the flame pointed down towards the ground. Never point the flame towards flammable materials, buildings or people. Carefully follow instructions on propane cylinder concerning use; do not store cylinders near fire or source of heat; do not puncture or incinerate empty cylinders. The nozzle of the BareBlaster Ice Torch remains hot even after use; do not touch the nozzle or put the nozzle down where it could come into contact with flammable materials. Carefully allow the nozzle to cool in a safe area.

The BareBlaster Ice Torch is designed to operate with most standard 14 to 26 disposable propane cylinders available at most hard or outdoor/camping stores.

Turn the gas regulating valve all the way clockwise so that it is closed. Screw the propane cylinder on the BareBlaster Ice Torch. A small amount of propane will escape while attaching the cylinder; the cylinder is properly seated on the BareBlaster when all hissing from the cylinder has stopped.

In case a tight connection cannot be made, use the extra "O" ring to make a proper connection.

Open the regulating valve slowly and ignite the BareBlaster Ice Torch at the nozzle.

Adjust the size of the flame by turning the regulating valve. To turn the flame off, turn the regulating valve until fully closed. The remaining propane in the BareBlaster will burn off in a few seconds and the flame will be extinguished.

Remove the propane cylinder when the BareBlaster Ice Torch is not in use.

To melt ice, apply direct flame to the icy area for a few seconds until the ice melts. Avoid prolonged heat on one single area.

To kill weeds, direct flame the weed for a few seconds until it wilts; there is no need to completely burn the weed. After several days, the weed will dry up and die and be ready for removal.

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