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World Record Breaking Fertilizer

Try our award winning fertilizer, Algoflash. Holder of over 28 Guinness World Records! Ideal for houseplant careflower gardeningvegetable gardeningrose gardening, indoor gardening and container gardening. Perfect for hydroponics! Works wonders for growing tomatoes and growing roses.

Algoflash is a balanced fertilizer designed to deliver the 12 essential nutrients that plants need. It is non-burning and can be used every time you water. It also maintains the basic pH level of the soil, so that the plant can consume all these nutrients. Algoflash will not burn plants, making it perfect for hydroponics, acid-loving plants, growing roses or growing tomato plants. Algoflash is colorless and odorless. Unlike other blue fertilizers, this will not stain.

"My flowerbeds have never looked as beautiful for as long as they have by using this product. I know it has to be the reason why. My yard is so beautiful from the Plumbagos to the marigolds. My marigolds are huge plants this year. It has been so hot here in Texas and my plants look just like they did in March. Thanks for such a good product. Thanks Again for Algoflash!!"

Sandy H. , TX

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Proven Effective For Better Growth:

  • Contains All 12 Essential Nutrients
  • Promote Healthier Lawns
  • Easy To Use - No Complicated Mixing Formulas
  • Encourage Rapid Cell Multiplication
  • Increase Root Growth And Penetration
  • Over 40 Years of Testing in flower gardening and vegetable gardening
  • Maintains Proper pH Levels For Better Nutrients Absorption
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Non-staining - odorless and colorless
Products (Total Items: 2)
Hose End Sprayer
Hose End Sprayer
Your Price:$7.95
Algoflash Acid Loving Fertilizer, 1 L
Algoflash Acid Loving Fertilizer, 1 L
Your Price:$11.95
"Just HAD to write to tell you how wonderful I think Algoflash is!!! Our flowers, both indoor and outdoor, have NEVER looked so terrific, bloomed so large, or had such brilliant colors. My petunias are about 6 inches across!!! Simply amazing!! My husband has never been much for *flowers* - could just take 'em or leave 'em - but since we started using Algoflash, he's taken over the responsibility of watering them for himself! Since Seattle's experiencing a major drought, we have to use gallon jugs to water everything - and now he's the "designated watering person" at our house. He's become your biggest fan!!"

Seattle, WA

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Great Outdoors:container gardening, flower gardening, plant care moisture control
Outdoors, use Algoflash hose-end sprayer Spring, Summer and Fall to replenish your worn out soils. Perfect for flower gardening, vegetable gardening and lawn care. For a better looking lawn garden or landscape useAlgoflash. The easy-to-use hose-end requires no measuring, mixing or calculating - just hook up the hose and spray! One sprayer takes care of a whole 5,000 square foot lawn.

SoilSyrup works wonders for growing grass by preventing prevent thatch buildup and breaking down existing thatch. It makes growing grass and lawn care easy. So apply SoilSyrup every 6-8 weeks for a healthy, thatch-free lawn. Download our Lawn Care Instructions (pdf 135k)

Better Fertilizer for Better Yields:

Algoflash is a special formulation of concentrated, very pure nutrients and trace elements. Every batch is tested for harmful chlorides and carbonates. This means Algoflash is safe for your plants and the environment.

Algoflash is non-toxic and odorless, and no more blue stains on your hands and floors! It comes in a liquid concentrate, just one capful per gallon of water!

Great for Growing Tomatoes and Growing Roses

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