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The Green Way to Feed Your Soil!

Each growing season takes a toll on your lawn and garden. As lawns and gardens grow, they use up valuable elements and minerals from the soil and making it less fertile over time. Adding AlfaGro can help restore soil and bring back its full growing potential. AlfaGro is rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, but it's not just your average fertilizer. AlfaGro is also an incredible source of vitamins and protein. The protein AlfaGro adds to the soil is food for beneficial soil microbes and earthworms. And as everyone knows, healthy levels of beneficial microbes and earthworms, means healthier lawns and gardens.

AlfaGro is an all-natural, organic fertilizer that replenishes the sugar, starches and proteins that help keep your plants growing healthy and strong. And unlike regular fertilizer, AlfaGro also acts as a soil amendment that really boosts the activity of beneficial microbes in your soil. The soil microbes and earthworms love it!

AlfaGro is derived from alfalfa plants and is good for adding nitrogen, potassium, trace minerals and growth stimulants. AlfaGro naturally contains high amounts of the vitamins and nutrients your lawn and garden needs, including Vitamins A, B, and Tricontanol, a natural occurring growth hormone.

AlfaGro soil nutrition adds life to your soil and improves composting

AlfaGro works to speed up composting, and the natural ability of AlfaGro to generate heat means that AlfaGro is a great addition to your compost pile. Mulching AlfaGro into the main body of the compost pile will help decomposition and produce quicker results.

AlfaGro increases microbial activity in the soil by providing a rich food source of carbohydrates and protein for beneficial microbes. By feeding the beneficial soil microbes, AlfaGro works as an organic fertilizer. The faster the microbes decompose minerals in AlfaGro and nutrients in the soil, the sooner they are available for use by lawn and garden plants. It's the perfect pairing for naturally healthy lawns and gardens.

Using AlfaGro is easy, and provides an alternative to other organic fertilizers such as blood meal or compost that may contain excessive amounts of nitrogen for more delicate plants. Whether you use it to fertilize your plants or speed up your compost, AlfaGro is a fantastic way to help your garden achieve greater success.

  • AlfaGro is the Easy Choice: Just one easy application, spread over your lawn or mixed into garden soil will deliver results. Because AlfaGro is not water soluble it will stay on lawns and provide long-lasting nutrients. AlfaGro is non-leaching and won't pollute through run off like other fertilizers or soil amendments. And with its mild 3-1-2 NPK formula you don't need to worry about burning or streaking your lawn or garden.
  • AlfaGro is the lazy greens keeper's secret: Just one application will help your lawn stay green all year round. And because AlfaGro helps feed soil microbes, your lawn clippings are broken down by soil bacteria and will provide up to 50% nutrients required by lawns. AlfaGro promotes slow, steady growth (less clippings) and allows you to mulch your clippings, which means less work mowing and fewer grass clippings to throw away.
  • AlfaGro is soil food: Feeds beneficial bacteria and earthworms. Encourages deep, healthy prolific roots. Provides organic matter which builds the soil. Promotes humus-rich soil which is loose and lightly packed, enhancing water retention. In addition to the natural slow release nutrients, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash, AlfaGro also contains micro-nutrients, proteins, and natural growth stimulants.
  • AlfaGro is the Safe Choice for You and Your Family: 100% safe for pets, kids and wildlife, AlfaGro is made from all-natural compounds. Your children and pets can play on the lawn immediately after application.
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AlfaGro, 50 lbs
AlfaGro, 50 lbs
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AlfaGro is also AMAZING for safe winter traction control

AlfaGro is also an eco-friendly solution for winter traction control. We market AlfaGro specifically for winter traction control under the name AlfaTrak. AlfaTrak is a 100% green product that effectively prevents winter slips and falls without damaging property, harming our health, or contaminating the environment. AlfaTrak is the best "green" solution to lowering winter maintenance/liability costs while still being environmentally sensitive.

Find out more about AlfaTrak here

Spread AlfaGro alfalfa meal on slippery paths to provide traction on ice and snow. Gritty AlfaGro provides an environmentally friendly traction helper for walkways and driveways that won't damage concrete, flagstones, brick or stone.

AlfaGro traction control and sidewalk de-icer couldn't be easier. It's fast, it's effective, it's non-toxic, it's biodegradable and it not only doesn't burn your lawn like salt and some of the other de-icers, it fertilizes it instead. This completely natural fertilizer that contains nitrogen to promote ice melting and has a texture to provide traction while it works. In spring, the alfalfa serves as a nitrogen-fertilizer for surrounding greenery.

Directions for Use - How do I use AlfaGro?

AlfaGro can be easily applied using a broadcast spreader for lawns or simply by hand for gardens and pots. AlfaGro can also be made into a healthy tea for foliar applications and everyday watering to help feed your soil.


Apply using common drop or broadcast spreader. Follow spreader directions carefully. Measure your lawn area precisely to determine the correct amount required. Ensure that the spreader's fertilizer-release door is closed (in the off position) before filling, stopping or turning. If the lawn food spills onto the lawn, disperse with a broom. For optimal coverage, apply half the recommended amount over the entire area lengthwise. Apply the remaining half crosswise.

Rate for Established Healthy Lawns: 10-12 lbs. per 500 square feet.

To revitalize an old lawn or damaged lawns: Use 7 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. Apply once in spring, and water well twice a week for 2 weeks. You should see results in 6 weeks.

Timing for Lawns: Apply as a sole lawn food, 3 times per growing season: in early spring, July and in September. Water thoroughly after every application.

AlfaGro works with all grass types - Bahia, Bentgrass, Bermuda, Bluegrass, Buffalo, Carpet, Centipede, Fescue, Ryegrass, St. Augustine, Zoysia.

Gardens, Shrubs, Trees and Flowers

Garden Beds: Spread AlfaGro by hand prior to planting, at the rate of 12 lbs. per 500 square feet. Work into soil using a garden tiller or rake. For older beds: Work 2-5 lbs. into each 100 square feet of bed area.

Potted Plants: At the beginning of each season, mix approximately 1/2 cup of AlfaGro per one gallon of potting soil.

Shrubs, Perennials and Annuals: For best results, sprinkle AlfaGro around the base of the plants, bushes, shrubs or flowers you wish to treat. Use approximately 1 cup every 12 inches of the drip line (where rainfall would drip off the canopy of the plant), and work into soil. Reapply every 6 - 8 weeks throughout the growing season. One 50 lb. bag can treat over 2,000 feet of top soil.

Roses, in particular, like AlfaGro and benefit from up to 5 cups of AlfaGro per plant every ten weeks, worked into the soil.

AlfaGro Tea:

Pour 2 - 4 cups of AlfaGro into an old sock. Soak the filled sock in 5 gallons of water overnight. Remove sock and reserve remaining fiber to use when needed to fertilize around the base of plants. The AlfaGro tea can be used as a foliar spray or as a liquid fertilizer. Use tea within 24 hours.

For foliage application: Pour tea into a clean plastic hand sprayer or watering can. Spray on foliage. Apply once a month throughout the growing season.

For root application: Pour tea into a watering can. Soak the base of the plant. Apply once a month throughout the growing season. (For maximum results avoid the use of chemical fertilizers and reapply every 60 days.)

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