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Clay Soil - What's Beneath Your Lawn
Posted by MegaGro on 6/12/2012 to Lawn Care

Every year, about this time of year, we get bombarded with frustrated gardeners at their wits end trying to solve the clay soil problem. If you don't Break Down Clay Soilhave a clay soil problem, consider yourself lucky! Keep reading though, because the benefits of the two products outlined below are great for any lawn but they are especially great for stubborn clay soil management. Clay does not really lend itself well for lush garden growth. Clay has very high porosity, but does not give that water back up very easily. So, it doesn't absorb and store water or nutrients for the roots like regular soil. This proves a challenge when trying to grow anything in clay grass, flowers, shrubs. This condition can be greatly improved however, using a combination of Lawn Honey and SoilSyrup.

Lawn Honey is a liquid polymer (similar to whats in a baby's diaper). It works Break Down Clay Soils with Lawn Honeyto physically change the soil structure of clay soils making them less compact. Lawn Honey will also help hold moisture in the soil and improve aeration. SoilSyrup is a humic acid-based soil conditioner. It works on a chemical level to break down clay soils,Humicd Acid Soil Conditioner improve water filtration, and increase humus levels. SoilSyrup will help boost humus levels and break down clay soil over time, making it more productive. Both have wetting agents built in that help them penetrate even hard pack clay soils. Not only will these 2 products work to store and regulate your moisture and nutrients, but they will replenish your soil with nutrients as well.

The products are simple to use just attach the hose end sprayer to a garden hose and apply to your lawn. 16 oz treats 10,000 square feet. Frequent Break Down Tough Clay Soils with SoilSyruptreatments (every 4-6 weeks) throughout the year will vastly improve your soil and help the soil to hold water and nutrients, allowing your garden and lawn to grow beautiful and lush.

You can purchase the products individually, or in one of our 1-2-3 packages:
Lawn Care and Lawn Start 1-2-3: care.htm
Lawn Honey: lawnhoney.htm
SoilSyrup: soilsyrup.htm